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Bigg Boss OTT 2 exclusive! Manisha Rani: Salman Khan is hosting the show because I prayed for him

Bigg Boss OTT 2's biggest entertainer talks to OTTplay about her favourite show

Bigg Boss OTT 2 exclusive! Manisha Rani: Salman Khan is hosting the show because I prayed for him
Manisha Rani

Last Updated: 07.27 PM, Jun 29, 2023


Like every season, Bigg Boss OTT 2 has an entertainer even this time and it is in the form of Manisha Rani. Her eyes might be set on Jad Hadid but she doesn’t fail to entertain anyone and everyone through her presence alone. While talking to OTTplay, she let out such cute emotions, one being that she prayed hard for Salman Khan to host this season of Bigg Boss OTT. She also got candid about being an influencer at a young age and what she thinks about the show.

Excerpts from the interview…

Being a Bigg Boss fan yourself and having grown through social media, would you say this is the apt platform for you?

Yeah, Bigg Boss is perfect for me because people love real personalities on the show. I feel people will like me a lot because even in real life, I am very amazing. You can say bawaal.

What about Bigg Boss do you love the most?

It is the number one show. Salman Khan, who is hosting the show, is my favourite. That is one of the reasons to take this show up. Bigg Boss changes lives, if you are worth it. It is a shortcut way to go ahead in life. You get a lot of work later and thus, I'm here.

Salman Khan has stepped in as the host in this season. Karan Johar had hosted the last season. Thus, would you still have participated if the filmmaker was hosting the show?

I prayed a lot for Salman Khan. Thus, he is hosting the show this season. God usually favours me. Now that I'm here, I feel like he has come to the show specially for me.

I'm sure you imagined being on the other side. Now that it's happening, what would you say you are feeling like?

I'm on cloud seven. My heart, kidney, everything is beating. Excitement is to the fullest and I'm a little nervous but I'll be getting my life's biggest experience. My dream is coming true.

Which part about the show are you looking forward to the most?

I think there will be fewer fights when it comes to me. People will laugh and be entertained with me around. In case, there could be some people who see me as an upcoming star, they might not speak up but they will also have fun.

My Bihari language and accent is what people will love the most. They might have not heard many of the words. Many end up laughing when they hear me, so everyone will be entertained.

You seem to be the funny one. Do you believe you might be the Archana Gautam of this season?

Archana Gautam, Shehnaaz Gill, Rakhi Sawant. The minute you find entertainment, that is where I'll meet you.

Your surname is Rani. Please elaborate on that. Is it what your family calls you or is it because you believe you are a queen?

My parents had named me Rani. It is my title. They might have a hint that I would be a queen later in life, so they kept my name.

You are also a dancer by profession. So, will we see your thumkas on the show?

Definitely. I will do something everyday. Even without songs, you would see my thumkas.

You gained fame at the age of 25. Do you feel satisfied or is it pressurising to have a certain image to maintain?

It is not about satisfaction. Look at Salman Khan. He took his time and look at the level he's at now. That is how he became Salman Khan. Nobody becomes a superstar at the age of 12-18. I have, however, worked hard for this since the age of 14-15. I have worked for merely a decade in the industry, including a DID audition in 2015. I worked so hard and thus, I'm slowly getting the fame too. I'm very satisfied with whatever I have, looking at what my life was once and what it is today. I can only hope that whatever I have today, I'll have the double of it in the future. There's no pressure because I do everything with all my heart. I just want to make my parents proud. It is my choice.

I was saying the opposite. I'm telling you that you have become famous at such a young age. Tell me, is that pressurising, to maintain an image?

I don't have any pressure. When somebody is sure that they want to live their life fully, then no matter how big a star they are, they will live life their way.

I am from a small town. My family expects a lot from me. They have the will to live because of me. I get very happy when I do something for them. I always want to do something to make them happy because that makes me happy. Thus, I want to earn a lot of fame and money so that I can fulfil everyone's dreams.

You are an actress, model, YouTuber and of course, social media influencer too. Which do you think you are first and foremost?

People call everyone a model and actress but I wouldn't call myself that at this point. I worked in one serial. I will call myself a social media influencer only. If something happens after Bigg Boss OTT 2, then that's a different matter but right now I'm just an influencer and entertainer.

What should the viewers and other contestants look out for when it comes to you on the show?

Aap mere jaisi ladki pehle kabhi nahi dekhe hoge, apni life mein. You will find Manisha Rani in every jhalli ladki. They will have a lot of fun.

Even my competitors might fight with me when angry, eventually they will appreciate me for who I am.

How will you handle fights?

I have no clue, actually. I never had fights throughout my life. I'm so chill that I don't get angry. However, if someone goes against my parents or says something about Bihar, then they will see my reaction.

No matter how much somebody insults me, I can't play dirty by pointing fingers on their character. For me, humanity is very important. I wouldn't go below-the-belt.

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