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Exclusive! Bigg Boss 16's Archana Gautam: I think Shiv Thakare made it to the top two because of MC Stan

Archana Gautam also revealed that she will be concentrating more on her acting now.

Exclusive! Bigg Boss 16's Archana Gautam: I think Shiv Thakare made it to the top two because of MC Stan
Archana Gautam/Instagram

Last Updated: 08.22 AM, Feb 13, 2023


After almost 20 weeks of pure entertainment, Bigg Boss 16 has finally come to an end. The reality show hosted by Salman Khan concluded with rapper MC Stan winning it. Shiv Thakare and Priyanka Chahar Choudhary came in first and second, respectively. Archana Gautam, who was among the top contenders, was placed fourth during the grand finale. She told OTTplay, in an exclusive interview, that she was upset and that she should have been in the top three at least.

When asked if she got teary-eyed over losing the trophy or that Bigg Boss 16 is over, Archana stated, "I was crying because I was too attached to the house. I was going away from Bigg Boss 16 after being there for almost four months; that's why I started crying. And, of course, I imagined myself in the top three, if not the top two."

She further said, "But I feel that—maybe it's my illusion—but I feel the task we had about two weeks ago led me to make it to the top four. If there wasn't that task, then I would have maintained my game and made it to the top two. But I am happy with whatever I got, and I am taking home the love the audience gave me."

On being quizzed about whether her friendship with Priyanka and Soundarya Sharma was fake or real, Archana went on to say, "It was very real. If it was for the game, then you would not have done these things. You would make up your mind that the game has to be smooth, just like Shiv Thakare did. He already won the Marathi reality show, so he knew the game and made good friends here. Even Sajid Khan left, so he stuck with MC Stan from the beginning. I think Shiv made it to the top two because of Stan; otherwise, it would have been me, Priyanka, or someone else."

Archana is a politician who belongs to the Indian National Congress party. While talking about whether her focus will now be acting or politics, she said, "It will be more on the acting side. I have just come out, and the audience has liked me in this look. I think they have enjoyed the way I have entertained them, so I want to do more and make people laugh. I am here because of them, so I owe it to them and want to entertain them more."

Archana concluded by revealing the last conversation she had with Salman, stating, "He asked why I was crying when I had done nothing wrong. Actually, I am a bit childish, as I often don't think before doing stuff. But I told him that it will take time for me, but I will get better, just as I have after hearing your scolding."

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