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Exclusive! Cyrus Sahukar: Potluck season 2 is a lovely representation of how modern couples work nowadays

Potluck seasons 1 and 2, which also star Shikha Talsania and Ira Dubey, are available to stream on SonyLIV.

Exclusive! Cyrus Sahukar: Potluck season 2 is a lovely representation of how modern couples work nowadays

Cyrus Sahukar

Last Updated: 10.27 PM, Feb 24, 2023


Potluck season 2 is the latest family drama series on SonyLIV that talks about the different dynamics of a middle-class family and the chemistry between the siblings as they grow up to create their own families. Cyrus Sahukar plays a pivotal part in this family entertainer alongside Shikha Talsania and Ira Dubey among others.

In a recent chat with OTTplay, Sahukar shared a little information about the series and his character. Excerpts:

Speaking about his character in Potluck season 2, the actor shared, "Where we left off from season one there was a lot happening. Vikrant realized that his father was lying about a heart attack, in order to just get the family together to meet for a potluck. And that revolution happened. After that, he wanted to buy a home and found a home but learns that his brother was the one who actually paid for most of it. So there was that drama, and he was dealing with it. Now in season two, what's happened with Vikrant is that he's moved into a new home and as any middle-class couple today, the wife also goes back to work. So she's heading back into a new world. And he because he runs a tech company can work out of home from his computer. So he decides to take on the position of the person who looks after the kids while the wife is out at work. So it's a lovely representation of how modern couples nowadays work. There's a whole generation of dads who are now being so much more than even the earlier two generations ever did."

He further mentioned, "But Vikrant is a person who's always got a maverick thought to everything. He wants to do everything his own way. Season one was an interesting glimpse into the fact that in many ways, his father really dramatically approves of his decisions. And as a personality, I find it interesting because some part of him wants to want the approval of his father, better than the other half of him is always someone who wants to actually go the opposite direction of where his father might think he should go. So he's dealing with parenthood is dealing with the fact that his kids are now also rebelling, he's dealing with the fact that he may be good at fun and games, but not necessarily at doing important parental things like feeding them correctly, looking after them the right way. And so a lot of that is happening in Vikrant's life, while simultaneously juggling work. 

"They also did something interesting, which is that most modern couples today are to have children, almost like the people doing logistics work. The intimacy and the fun of hanging out with each other are all gone because you don't have time for it. So the crowd is constantly lacking sleep. And you know, the couple themselves are trying to find a certain level of intimacy that used to exist, but they have no time for any fun," he added.

Potluck seasons 1 and 2 are available to stream on SonyLIV.

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