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Exclusive! Hina Khan on her first tele-play Shadyantra: Shootwise, there were things I was still understanding better

Hina Khan talked at length about how, as an actor, she likes to try out different genres and mediums.

Exclusive! Hina Khan on her first tele-play Shadyantra: Shootwise, there were things I was still understanding better
Hina Khan/Instagram

Last Updated: 08.43 AM, Dec 19, 2022


Hina Khan is one of those actors who doesn't shy away from experimenting with her work. The actor, who started her journey around 13 years ago, has carved a niche for herself in the television industry as well as OTT. She has been a part of several long-form projects as well as movies, which have been loved by many. Now, with Shadyantra, she has tapped into a new medium altogether, that of a teleplay.

Hina co-stars in the thriller play with Chandan Roy Sanyal and Kunaal Roy Kapur, among others. Ahead of the premiere of Shadyantra on ZEE Theatre and ZEE5, OTTplay caught up with Hina for a tête-à-tête, wherein she spoke at length about exploring different mediums as an actor, as well as genres. The actor also shared her process and how it differs when it comes to changing mediums.

Edited excerpts follow.

Now we can say that you have tapped into every medium—be it a TV show, a film, OTT outings, and now a play that will be available to watch on OTT and TV. How was it being on stage and facing the camera at the same time?

It was altogether a very different experience. Especially the rehearsals, which were a good eight hours long; learning 90 pages of script in five days; getting our markings and positioning right on stage; and finishing our shoot for the project in just a span of two days. We had shot the first half of the play right before the intermission, on the first day itself. We finished the second half of the play on the second day. So yes, as an actor who has been very used to different formats of shooting like TV, OTT, and films, this was a very different format of shooting for me. I am honestly so happy I was even able to experience being a part of a tele-play and enjoy something so different compared to what I have done in the past.


It's a play with just one location and one kind of setup where all things unfold. Were there any jitters because a play is a different ballgame for any actor?

There were no jitters, as I was happy to be exploring something so new, but yes, since it was my first time, there were things I was still understanding better, shootwise. Luckily, our team of directors and my other co-actors were very much in sync with each other, so the entire process became a very smooth one for me.

Having been an actor for 13 years and getting to explore different genres through different mediums, what is it that you are looking forward to doing more of? Is there any kind of bucket list you have?

My bucket list is very long and there is lots that I yet have to achieve on it. Though yes, I would love to play the role of a superwoman or a woman who is very desi in nature and has unique traits. Something which is very different from what I have worked on earlier. 

What is your process when working with different mediums? Is your approach the same?

As an actor, my approach is just the same. I get into the skin of my character and perform it as a director's actor; besides that, depending on the format of the shoot, I adjust my working ways accordingly.

How was it working with Kunaal Roy Kapur and Chandan Roy Sanyal with Shadyantra?

Both are fabulous actors and were good to work with throughout the project. All of us learned a lot from each other, and our shooting experience together was great.

Could you share details about your character?

I play the character of Natasha, a rich girl who is the owner of a big family business. She is married to Rohan Tiwari (Chandan), and the story revolves around how he tries to get hold of the business by trying to kill her, but she doesn't die, and that is where the entire suspense lies.

Were there any lessons that you had to unlearn while preparing for this play?

There was a lot of new learning for me on this project. Rehearsing for long hours and shooting it in the play format, which was so different from what I have done in the past, memorising long scripts in a short span of time, and the director giving us briefings on the shoot process every single day—that was all new to me. But I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of it all.

What kinds of genres do you enjoy watching and would like to be a part of as an actor?

I love watching suspense thrillers, content that has a good backstory to it, and even good mysteries. Comedy is also something I enjoy when I need a good laugh. I'd love to play Wonderwoman or a strong female superhero who showcases the true essence of a woman.

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