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Exclusive! Kolonko actress Srijla Guha: It is not fair to term any relationship ‘illicit’

She will be seen in Hoichoi’s Kolonko with Ritwick Chakraborty and Raima Sen. 

Exclusive! Kolonko actress Srijla Guha: It is not fair to term any relationship ‘illicit’
Srijla Guha

Last Updated: 06.43 PM, Jan 18, 2024


Young actress Srijla Guha is refreshingly frank when she speaks. From her past relationship to work priorities – she speaks her mind. Srijla became a household name with her serial Mon Phagun opposite Sean Banerjee. Now she has focussed on web series. After her work in Klikk’s Picasso with Tota Roy Choudhury, she will be seen in Hoichoi’s Kolonko with Ritwick Chakraborty and Raima Sen. Soon, her another web series, Dadur Kirti, will be dropped on Hoichoi. In a brief but freewheeling chat, she talked about her character in Kolonko, her priorities, and her ideas about relationships.

Srijla plays an upbeat character, Konkona, in Kolonko. Konkona works with Rongon (Ritwick) who falls in love with her. “My character is a lively girl from a town outside Kolkata. She is not only incredibly talented but also upbeat. She is fun to hang around with. Her positivity fills the colours in your life. Rongon and Konkona will come close. They are earnest about their relationship. Since Rongon is married to Chaiti (Raima), you may call his relationship with Konkona Illicit. But my point is it is unfair to label a relationship illicit. No feeling can be illegitimate, don’t you think,” she said. 

Elaborating on her statement, Srijla further added, “Every relationship is fair. Feelings for a person can’t be unfair. It is what you do with that feeling that makes it tricky. In case you fall in love with someone while you are married, it will be unfair to at least one person in the equation. Love is completely free, relationships have boundaries. When you are in a relationship, there are dos and don’ts you follow. You may jeopardise another’s love life,” she said. 

Rising to the limelight on TV, Srijla is indebted to her fans. “Television helps you to get an enormous visibility. But it is also part of your personality that helps you to grow with your fans. I am very fortunate to have my fans around me and I try to be around them always. I feel fortunate how they defend me on occasion. I am an ambivert and can’t always protest against things said about me. My fans stand up for me. I feel touched. I feel that God can't be everywhere to be at my side and that’s why they sent my fans. They protect and motivate me. I keep them posted with the updates. I am as much in love with them as they are with me,” she said. 


So does Srijla think of making a comeback on TV – the platform that gave her so many fans? “At some point in time, of course. Whatever I do I give my 110%. I am grateful to Mon Phagun for what it gave me. I got the visibility I wanted. Besides acting, I write. My dad has a business that I look after. I have 16 rescued animals around me. My parents are ageing. Besides, I also have a bit of health issues. I need to be emotionally available to them as they are my happy zone. All these things don’t permit me to work 17-18 hours every single day with little rest. I can do it for 10 days to a month at a stretch. Hence, I am working on web shows. I will be a little more spaced out in a couple of years. I will be back on TV, I love all my platforms though,” she said. 

Srijla got a chance to work with eminent actors and actresses in the web shows that she took part in. How was her experience in working with Ritwick and Raima? “Every time I work with some established actors or actresses, I learn. Many of my colleagues are trained actors and actresses. I am not trained. I learn as I go. I am an instinctive actor who learnt a lot by watching these great actors on set,” she said. 

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