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EXCLUSIVE! Maal has four entwined storylines that connect to a Chola-era idol, says Saikarthi

The actor will be seen as a gangster in this hyperlink thriller, directed by Dinesh Kumaran

EXCLUSIVE! Maal has four entwined storylines that connect to a Chola-era idol, says Saikarthi
Saikarthi in a still from Maal

Last Updated: 01.00 PM, Sep 22, 2023


Actor Saikarthi is all set to be seen as a gangster in his latest outing, Maal, which dropped on Aha Tamil today (September 22). The film, which is helmed by debutant Dinesh Kumaran, revolves around idol smuggling and how the lives of four unrelated people get intertwined due to one such idol. The star cast comprises Asraf, VJ Pappu, Jey, Saikarthi, Gowri Nandha, Dinesh Kumaran, and SP Gajaraj.

Talking about the film's title Maal, Sai Karthi, says, "There are many interpretations to the title. One of the references is to that of the Cholas itself. Apparently, there was a time when the Cholas, too, were referred to by the name. It has until now remained a mystery."

So, how was the experience playing a gangster? "I had auditioned for another role, but the team found me suited for the character of Karna, a gangster involved in idol theft. When a rare idol from the Chola era falls into the hands of the gang, I am entrusted with the task of delivering it safely. But due to personal commitments, I hand over the idol to my boys. But things turn topsy-turvy when the idol goes missing."

Maal is a product of a bunch of newcomers, and the thriller has been shot in Coimbatore and Tanjore. "Barring a few people, the entire team comprises newbies. We did a lot of rehearsals for the scenes. The experienced people, like SP Gajaraj sir, were a major pillar of support to the entire team. There was a scene for which I had to take almost 50 takes. Gajaraj sir advised me to take a break in the car and just relax. When I came back, I was able to wrap up the scene in a span of ten minutes."

Saikarthi hopes that the audience provide their support to Maal, which has been doled out by newbies. "We initially wanted to release the film in theatres, but we decided to zero in on OTT for global reach. All we need now is the support of the audiences."

Sai Karthi, who shot to limelight with the award-winning short film, 3G, in which he played a transgender person, says that he is looking at experimenting with his roles. "In all my projects, be it Hara Hara Mahadevaki, Jagame Thandhiram or my single Puriyala Puriyala, I have always tried to be versatile. I am choosing my projects with care as I do not want to get stereotyped."

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