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Exclusive! Nandaa on SonyLIV's Iru Dhuruvam 2: We were quite mindful of the huge expectations on the sequel

The actor gets candid about the second installment of the popular Tamil series

Exclusive! Nandaa on SonyLIV's Iru Dhuruvam 2: We were quite mindful of the huge expectations on the sequel

Nandaa in Iru Dhuruvam 2 

Last Updated: 07.25 PM, Feb 25, 2023


Iru Dhuruvam was one of the few crime thrillers in Tamil which made audiences glued to the screen when it was released on SonyLIV in 2019. Many film buffs were curious to know when makers are coming up with a sequel to the series starring Nandaa in the lead.

An announcement on the second installment a few days ago made them excited and the second part, titled Iru Dhuruvam 2, dropped on the digital platform on Friday. Nandaa, who is content over the release of one of the most-awaited sequels, opens up about the delay behind the second installment, surprises in store for the audience and the possibility of a third part to the series in an exclusive chat with OTTplay. Excerpts...


The first season was a big hit among cinephiles and there have been a lot of expectations surrounding the follow-up. What can the audiences look forward to?

I think the second part will attract more audiences as it has numerous suspense-filled episodes. While the first installment was about finding the killer, this time around, there is more focus on how the investigation is directly linked to the protagonist's wife who went missing. 

The inclusion of Prasanna in the cast was a surprise which many didn't expect...

We never announced his inclusion in the movie until the trailer was released. The makers felt that an actor of his calibre playing the antagonist would elevate the prime conflict in the plot. The episodes featuring our face-off would be one of the highlights of Iru Dhuruvam 2. 

A still from Iru Dhuruvam 2
A still from Iru Dhuruvam 2

It took more than three years to come up with the sequel for the series. What exactly made you take such a long gap after the first season?

Unlike movies, the process for a project meant for a direct-to-OTT release, that too a series, requires more time. The digital platform has to approve the script. Moreover, we wanted the sequel to be better than the first season. We didn't want to do it for the heck of making a second part. We were quite mindful of the expectations from audiences and went on floors a year ago after battling the challenges posed by pandemic multiple times.  

The first season was released during a time when people weren't used to watching a lot of OTT content. How challenging was it to bring the second season before audiences who are exposed to various content from across the globe?  

It's true that movie lovers are now updated and it isn't that easy to please them. However, director Arun Prakash has ensured that the 10-episode series has ample moments that could keep audiences entertained.  

The first and second season of Iru Dhuruvam had different directors. Wasn't that a huge risk especially when the follow-up carried huge expectations?

The sequel is something we had planned as soon as we completed the first season. However, we didn't know that a new director would be helming Iru Dhuruvam 2. Arun was quite thorough with the first season and knew how to come up with an apt second part. The manner in which he has clubbed various mysterious portions together impressed everyone in the team. 

A poster of the series
A poster of the series

How was it to play the same character after a three-year hiatus?

I have believed that underplaying is my strength. The film Eeram for which I received various appreciation many years ago, too, had me following a similar style. The cop I play in Iru Dhuruvam undergoes various emotional trauma after he starts searching for his wife. It is his daughter who fills his emotional void. The time period between the first and second season is just a few months' time, and hence, my character this time doesn't have much changes in terms of appearance or body language. I just had to adapt to the same mindset I developed during the filming of Iru Dhuruvam. 

Can we expect a third part for the series?

Yes, definitely. We have made the second season in such a way that there is a convincing scope for the next installment.

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