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Guns & Gulaabs actor Adarsh Gourav: My hairstyle was sort of inspired by Ajay Devgn from the 90s | Exclusive

Adarsh Gourav also revealed that he personally enjoys watching gang stories.

Guns & Gulaabs actor Adarsh Gourav: My hairstyle was sort of inspired by Ajay Devgn from the 90s | Exclusive
Adarsh Gourav in a still from Guns & Gulaabs

Last Updated: 09.34 AM, Aug 17, 2023


Adarsh Gourav will be seen playing the role of a gangster from Gulaabganj in the soon-to-be-released Netflix series, Guns & Gulaabs. The actor plays the onscreen son of Satish Kaushik, Jugnu, who also gets into the opium business just like his father. Adarsh spoke at length about adopting the character's appearance and how Ajay Devgn from the 1990s served as inspiration for his hairstyle prior to the release of the Raj & DK series.

The actor exclusively told OTTplay, "I just think that's part of the costume department. So Neha, who did the costumes, and a complete credit to her and Raj & DK to sort of come down with cool jackets that I wear. It also has to do with the region; it was cold, so they automatically want to wear jackets to keep themselves protected from that. Plus, it's also the 90s era, so there was a lot of styling. It was sort of inspired by Ajay Devgn's hair; like all the characters have some kind of inspiration, I think my characters hair was inspired by him."


Talking more about his character, Adarsh went on to say, "So much of it is just in the writing. The essence of the character is this boy who's surrounded by these alpha men, these gangsters. A very violent world has grown up without a mother. So, like, there's not much sensitivity that he's used to. It was basically just trying to really listen to the story and the script. Of course, there are always times and moments when you improvise once you understand the person or the character that you like to play. Raj and DK are absolutely amazing; they are literally the kings of the OTT. What's great about them is that they really let the actor fly with the scene. Yeah, it was just such a treat to work with them."

When asked about the gang wars that have been a part of Bollywood's popular culture, namely Satya and Gangs of Wasseypur, and how Guns & Gulaabs fit into it, the White Tiger actor revealed, "Satya was made at a time when the underworld world was at its peak and was representative of what was actually happening. Gangs of Wasseypur was representative of what actually happened in Wasseypur; a lot of it is, I'm sure, borrowed and inspired from real events. I feel that until good exists in the world, gangs will always exist, and people who do bad will always exist. I mean, it just really depends on how you present the story."

Adarsh added, "As I said, it is the same story that we are all trying to say again and again, whether it's a romantic story, a drama, or a crime thriller, and the presentation of it, so I guess any gang story, even in the future, that will be told depends on how it's presented. Sometimes things that are based on reality click; sometimes we can create a fictitious world, like we've created, because of the way that it's being shown and because of the humour that's being infused in the crime. So I guess it just completely depends on so many factors, but I personally love watching gang stories."

Guns & Gulaabs premieres on August 18, 2023.

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