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Kiran Rao on being vocal about divorce from Aamir Khan – 'I don't have much I need to hide' | Exclusive

Kiran Rao and Aamir Khan announced their separation in 2021 and the two have been setting examples of how cordial relationships should be. Now she talks about the same with OTTplay. 

Kiran Rao on being vocal about divorce from Aamir Khan  – 'I don't have much I need to hide' | Exclusive
Kiran Rao Talks About Being Vocal About Separation From Aamir Khan (Image credits: JioStudios/Instagram)

Last Updated: 11.54 AM, Mar 09, 2024


While Kiran Rao has returned to direction after 13 years with the beautiful film Laapataa Ladies, there's also enough buzz around her personal life. Throughout the promotions, the filmmaker-producer has faced questions about her separation from Aamir Khan after over 15 years of marriage, her debate with Sandeep Reddy Vanga over movie themes, and more. And Kiran has been a hero in answering them all, never dodging a single question and providing appropriate responses.

As she joined OTTplay after the film's release and in the final leg of promotions, we asked her at what point she became secure enough to be vulnerable yet draw the line while gracefully discussing something so personal in the public space. With her vibrant smile, she took on the question, stating she doesn’t have much to hide and has never lived her life in a way that would warrant feeling apologetic about it.

Kiran Rao On Being Vocal About Her Divorce With Aamir Khan

In an exclusive conversation with OTTplay, Kiran Rao discussed being vocal about her separation from Aamir Khan and addressing questions about her friction with Sandeep Reddy Vanga. She said, “I don't know. I guess I've lived a long life. I'm much older now. I kind of... I feel it's, you know, I don't have very much I need to hide. I've never lived my life in a way that I felt apologetic for anything that I did. And I suppose that helps when you have a pretty clear conscience. You can kind of, you know, take any question. We all have our vulnerabilities. We all need to...I suppose we protect ourselves or wear masks from time to time.”

She added, “But at this point, I'm fairly an open book only because, you know, it's life. You know, you fail. You still...If you're going to be measured, if you're going to at least... Your own self-esteem is dependent on the measure of success or failure at a box office or whether somebody likes you or not. Then I'd be a wreck. You know, because I'm a public person and I'm always open to... I constantly have things positive or negative written about me. So, yeah, I suppose you need a degree of self-assurance and self-love even.”

Kiran Rao On Her Job As A Producer

In the same conversation, we also spoke to Kiran Rao about being a producer, her relationship with the box office, and how much numbers matter to her. “Definitely, it matters. But at this point, I suppose, with the way the world has changed, we've learned to figure out how to make the economics of filmmaking work with or without a huge box office success. Because the box office, unfortunately, especially if you're making films like these where the story is the star and then you have no other stars. You have to consider the economics well before making the film,” Rao said.

Adding her perspective on her role as a producer, Kiran Rao said, “So, as a producer, it's your job to ensure that nobody loses money and that the film is viable even if not a hit. It at least breaks even and everybody is covered and insured against a loss. So, I do think that's important and we have tried to do that. So, yeah, let's see.”


Laapataa Ladies is currently playing in your nearest cinema halls; catch the earliest show and let Kiran Rao teach you a thing or two while being supremely entertaining. Stay tuned to OTTplay for more information on this and everything else in the world of streaming and films.

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