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Kiran Rao on not associating with problematic, regressive films and wanting to make a ‘masaledar’ movie – “Film is a very powerful medium” | Exclusive

Laapataa Ladies director Kiran Rao in an exclusive chat with Shubham Kulkarni talks about wanting to make a masaledar movie and being in search for a script. 

Kiran Rao on not associating with problematic, regressive films and wanting to make a ‘masaledar’ movie – “Film is a very powerful medium” | Exclusive
Kiran Rao On Her Choice OF Films

Last Updated: 01.04 PM, Mar 10, 2024


Kiran Rao is back in acting after 13 long years following her directorial debut with Dhobi Ghat. The filmmaker has a movie running in theaters, only her second directorial, and it's garnering great reviews from every corner of the country and the world at large. Laapataa Ladies has re-established Kiran as a filmmaker, and now fans of heartfelt cinema want her to make films more often. As she continued to promote her much-loved movie, she joined OTTplay for an exclusive conversation where she spoke about a gamut of things, including not casting Aamir Khan in the movie, her separation, and more. She also spoke about what kind of movies she wants to do next and what is a big NO for her in films.


Kiran Rao, who was recently surrounded by a debate when she spoke about misogyny in movies, has stood strong on her words and has no mood to back out. In a conversation with us, she spoke about wanting to make a masaledar commercial movie that has song and dance and is actually looking for the right script. But she also wants to be a responsible filmmaker while doing so and not ignore problematic things if there are any.

Kiran Rao On Making A Commercial Film

In the conversation with OTTplay, when we asked Kiran Rao if she ever thinks of making a commercial movie with song and dance, to our surprise, she is actually excited to make one and is even looking for a script. “Absolutely. I'm looking for the right script. I would love to see a film like that. I feel like what we term commercial should be anything that does well. Yes. And I do think that I would like to make films that are super entertaining as well, which have... Which could be action, comedy, thriller, romance, whatever the genre. I would love to make super successful, commercial, masaledar movies as well. I just do think that they should leave you with something once you leave the cinema.”

The filmmaker further elaborated on how it is not about the scale and the grandeur of it all for her but the fresh perspective is what matters to her. “It could be a good feeling. It could be an idea. It could be a different perspective. But just something that stays with you would be my metric of whether I want to make this film or not. Not so much whether that, you know, it's commercial in a, you know, star way or VFX. VFX-heavy way or anything like that. Like, the scale of the film isn't important really. But I do want to make... I'm happy to make a big-scale film as well. I mean, I'm open to every kind of film. Bring it on,” Kiran said.

Kiran Rao Adds...

Further in the chat, we asked her what exactly is the big NO for her when it comes to films, and Kiran Rao was quick to say, “(A film) which in its messaging is problematic for me. Where it's... because film is a very powerful medium. And we do have to be... We have to consider what we say. Whether we say it overtly or very subtly through our films. So, I do feel like that's important for me to consider. But if a film is just having a good time without saying anything, a lot of people do that. And that's fine too. But I think if for me to...A no would be problematic, regressive messaging.”

Concluding her comment, Kiran Rao said, “A strong yes would be a film that, you know, left you with something after you've left the cinema house.”

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