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Krithi Shetty Interview - Manamey will give me the much-needed hit in my career

Manamey stars Sharwanand and Krithi Shetty in the lead roles. The family drama is all set to hit screens on June 7, 2024. 

Krithi Shetty Interview - Manamey will give me the much-needed hit in my career

Krithi Shetty

Last Updated: 11.58 AM, Jun 05, 2024


Krithi Shetty's last few Telugu films were huge flops. She has pinned all her hopes on her latest release, Manamey, which will be released this June 7, 2024. She speaks to us about her role, flop streak, future project, and how Manamey will bring her back into the game. Here is the transcript.

The Krithi Shetty interview

Are you worried about the back-to-back flop films in your career?

Success and failure are never in your hands. I sign films because they have solid stories, great characters, and top stars as the leads. But for some reason, the audience has rejected some of them. I am definitely disappointed but nothing is in our hands. I am a person who believes in hard work, and if youo work hard, success will definetly come to you one day.

What attracted you to Manamey?

When Sriram narrated the film to me, I loved my role. It has a parent-kid connection. Manamey is based on three principal characters: Sharwa, the kid, and me. The entire focus is on my character, which has great scope for me to perform. The moment I heard about my character, I said yes to it right away.


Are you playing a single mother, as shown in the teaser?

I cannot say more about it and want to leave it suspenseful. You will know exactly what my role is and how the baby is related to me only when you watch the film on the big screen. The baby is the basic conflict point in Manamey, and Sriram Aditya has neatly executed it with amazing emotions and impressive comedy.

Tell us more about your role...

I play the character of Subhadra, and she is a very different girl from the others. I had never played such a character to date in my career, and it was quite challenging. The film is set in London. I play an NRI who gets into a major issue and gets frustrated. I am a very strict person in the film and how such a person falls for the hero is the story of the film.

What was it like working with Sharwanand?

Sharwa is a terrific performer who has given his heart and soul to this film. In Manamey, there is a key scene featuring Shawa and me. Prior to the shoot, I was extremely worried about how I would pull off that scene. But Sharwa walked in casually, wrapped up the scene and two or three takes, and left. I was taken aback by his performance. In Manamey, he has a very endearing role and will impress one and all.


What about the director, Sriram Aditya?

If you see Sriram's previous films, every project is quite different from the others. This time, he has chosen Manamy, which has a very unique theme and is relatable to everyone. The comedy and emotions in the film have been showcased in equal doses by Sriram and the way he has extracted performances from all of us is the best part of Manamey. When it came to my role, I just followed his instructions, as I was not aware of how to go about playing my character.

Tell us about your future projects...

I have three Tamil films lined up and have yet to sign a Telugu film. In Malayalam, I have signed a film with Tovino Thomas. I feel Manamey will bring me back into the game, and I will sign more films in Telugu cinema. I have also been offered a few Kannada films, for which I have yet to take a call.

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