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Manjummel Boys star Deepak Parambol says he had not met Sudhi before shooting for the survival thriller | Exclusive

Deepak discusses his love of films and how he got to work on Chidambaram's Manjummel Boys in an interview with OTTplay.

Manjummel Boys star Deepak Parambol says he had not met Sudhi before shooting for the survival thriller | Exclusive
Deepak Parambol

Last Updated: 08.13 PM, Mar 07, 2024


Malayalis adore Deepak Parambol as an actor because of his nuanced performances in lead, supporting, and negative roles. From Vineeth Sreenivasan's Malarvaadi Arts Club to Chidambaram's Manjummel Boys, Deepak has been a part of several successful projects where the audience has praised his performance.

The actor, who plays Sudheesh, aka Sudhi, in Manjummel Boys, is currently enjoying the positive reviews for the film and his character. Deepak discusses his love of films and how he got to work on this much-awaited project in an interview with OTTplay.

Deepak Parambol as Sudhi/ Sudheesh
Deepak Parambol as Sudhi/ Sudheesh

What are your thoughts regarding the success of Manjummel Boys and the positive feedback for Sudhi?

I consider myself fortunate to have all this love. Seeing people enjoy and accept what we do is, in my opinion, a major accomplishment. In particular, it is really wonderful to have so much love from Tamil Nadu and other parts of the country, apart from Kerala. People could have related to this movie because they shared similar bonds or emotions.

How did this project come to be?

Chidambaram is my cousin. In addition to working together, we have known each other for a very long time. I enjoyed his debut film, Jan E Man. I received a call from him during the filming of Kasargold, informing me that I would be appearing in his upcoming movie, which we will talk about after the shoot. When I visited his flat, he gave me a thorough concept of the movie. That is when I realised how big this project is.

How did you go about trying to figure out Sudhi in Manjummel Boys?

Since Sudhi was employed in Poland, I had never met him before or during the shoot. I spoke with him via video call while we were filming in Perumbavoor, where the set was put up. Chidambaram gave me a very clear idea of the character beforehand. It was mentioned to me that he is always mindful of maintaining his hygiene. He is highly organised because he works as a contractor. I think I gave my best. I felt satisfied when Sudhi's wife texted me to let me know that the mannerisms were appropriate. I had the pleasure of meeting him in person after Manjummel Boys came out.

How far would Deepak go for friendship?

I am a person who values friendships. I doubt that I would, though, take the same risk as the real Manjummel Boys. Their relationship is unique and built on selfless love. In the interim, we might be unsure of our course of action under such circumstances. I hope that no one has to go through this. I consider myself lucky to have portrayed such a friend.

Have you always been passionate about films?

Indeed, I have worked very hard to get here. I eventually developed a keen interest in films and followed them. It required a lot of effort. My career graph has essentially been growing gradually. I have had the opportunity to be in many popular films, even if those were small roles. I will admit, though, that as time has gone on, my confidence in my ability to play varied roles has improved.

Deepak Parambol with Kamal Haasan
Deepak Parambol with Kamal Haasan

You played prominent roles in two Mammootty films last year. How would you describe the experience?

It is inspiring, in my view! Watching these artistes encouraged me to pursue this career. It is really impressive that they have stayed in this field for so long, and their passion for films has not diminished in the slightest. It is encouraging to observe their working process and efforts up close.

Your next project is Vineeth Sreenivasan’s Varshangalkku Shesham. How does it feel to be back with almost the same team?

Vineeth had brought me into this industry with Malarvaadi Arts Club. It is always a delight to be part of his work again and again. Almost everybody in this film is one of my acquaintances and close friends. This is a kind of reunion for me. I might not be able to reveal much about the film now.

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