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Naagin star Surbhi Jyoti on convincing herself - ‘If a Superman can fly then a serpent can turn into a human’ | Exclusive

Surbhi Jyoti was the lead in the third season of Naagin that aired back in 2018, she now talks about how she convinced herself to do it. 

Naagin star Surbhi Jyoti on convincing herself - ‘If a Superman can fly then a serpent can turn into a human’ | Exclusive
Surbhi Jyoti On Playing Naagin - Exclusive

Last Updated: 01.29 PM, Jun 23, 2024


The twists in the world of Indian Television have forever been wild, and dramatic, and demanded a whole lot of suspension of disbelief. As an audience back in the 2000s we even managed to suspend it because we were getting entertained too. The genre now has taken a backseat and their revival is indeed difficult, but the troop does manage to come back in small packets and you see that on screen. Disney+ Hotstar’s Gunaah, starring Surbhi Jyoti, Zayn Ibad Khan, and Gashmeer Mahajani is on such show that is now delving into the theme of a hero coming back after a tragedy with a new face. Well, a plot device that has been dissected by the people of the internet to the core now. When Surbhi and Zayn sat down with OTTplay for an exclusive chat we asked them how do they wrap their head around the concept. 

Surbhi Jyoti & Zayn Ibad Khan On Conviction

The two actors have had illustrious television careers with much following and watched shows to their credit. When asked about how they wrap their head around plot twists where a human changes into an animal, or a person entirely comes with a new face, the one word that they both agreed on as an answer to the same was conviction. In an exclusive conversation with us, they spoke about the angle being used in their latest show Gunaah too. Read on to know everything you should about the same.

When asked about Gunaah having a plot where the hero comes back with a new face, Zayn Ibad Khan said, “So the thing is I have learned from very senior people in this industry and the thing is all the content you are watching including the Hollywood shows are somehow somewhere inspired by some thoughts and it has been done before as well.” Surbhi adds, “or probably in some book.” Zayn continues, “of course, in every television show, in almost every film, some things are always the same. What I have learned is how you do it. People come back with a new face, but it is how you are doing it.”

Surbhi Jyoti On Naagin

Giving her perspective while talking about her experience with Naagin, Surbhi Jyoti said, “So when I did Naagin, I convinced myself that if Superman can fly then of course a serpent can turn into a human. See there is no other way, if you are not convinced you cannot convince people. So my point is you really have to understand the character and you really have to convince yourself that this is what is happening.”

She added, “Conviction is the key. If I tell you that I saw a ghost in this room for five minutes with conviction, you will somewhere start thinking about it after those five minutes. So conviction is the key. And that is why when actors are told to do their jobs with honesty it means do it with conviction. If you are not believing in it you will not be able to connect people to that character.”

About Gunaah

Gunaah stars Surbhi Jyoti, Gashmeer Mahajani, and Zayn Ibad Khan together and is a revenge drama that sees a lover being deceived by the love of his life and returning to take revenge. The show streams in Disney+ Hostar and is a daily. Stay tuned to OTTplay for more information on this and everything else from the world of streaming and films.

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