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Neha Dhupia on No Filter Neha - 'It's not just about having a celebrity to give headline or scoop, but it is also...' | Exclusive

Neha Dhupia launched the much-anticipated sixth season of her show 'No Filter Neha' in a video format on JioTV.

Neha Dhupia on No Filter Neha - 'It's not just about having a celebrity to give headline or scoop, but it is also...' | Exclusive
Neha Dhupia

Last Updated: 05.49 PM, Mar 03, 2024


Actress and entrepreneur Neha Dhupia is once again back with the much-awaited 6th season of her successful podcast 'No Filter Neha'. In addition to being the show's host, the actress is also the producer of the show, which is significantly popular among the viewers. Recently, the actress got in an exclusive conversation with OTTplay where she revealed some exciting details to look forward to for the upcoming episodes, how she deals with celebrity PRs, insights into being one of the best hosts in the industry, and more. Keep reading for all the details!

1. How has 'No Filter Neha' evolved over the years?

Neha: I think the biggest evolution that we had, as far as the show is concerned that it's video now. It used to be a podcast and now it's video. We are very excited about it, I feel like something that had the sound and it was in your ears and now it has all your senses consuming so that's the biggest change.

2. Is there a particular episode that you are most excited about this season?

Neha: Lots of them. All of them were fun. Everyone had a different energy, everyone had a different vibe and to say that one was not at par with the other or the other one was better than one is just wrong at all levels. So, I am extremely thankful to all the celebrities who take out their time as it's almost half a working day for them to come and take out that much time. The first reason that they come for is that they are friends, everything else is just secondary.


3. Recently Karan Johar said that every celebrity now has become a PR-oriented team so do you think, unfiltered conversations with celebs are easy nowadays or do they exist?

Neha: The PR team and the digital team don't really stop them from saying anything. I throw the ball in their court and after that, it's up to them whether they want to or they don't want to reply or respond.

4. How do you balance being an actor and hosting your show? Do you find one role more fulfilling or challenging than the other?

Neha: This one for me is a little more difficult because I am also the producer of this. So my work starts two months prior to the actual recording and then it spans over 2-3 months so that's the most important thing. But for me to be able to say that this is easy and just plain conversations is wrong because creatively I am involved, I am involved as a co-producer, I am involved as a host as well as research. It's a lot more difficult than most other things I do.

5. Your show is known for its candid conversations and honest revelations. How do you create a comfortable environment for your guests to open up and share their stories?

Neha: I think the reason or the way to do it, is to uncart, having a well-researched but free-flowing chat. Making them believe that I am on their side. The show is not just for me to have a guest give me headlines and scoops because I am not a journalist, not that there's anything wrong with that but it's also for me to be able to make them believe that it's just two friends having a conversation.

6. You've had quite the journey in the entertainment industry. What advice would you give to aspiring actors or hosts who are just starting?

Neha: I feel like be very interested in the subject. Be very well-researched about your subject and be curious to know more.

7. Did the surge in OTT platforms influence the decision to opt for a video version of No Filter Neha?

Neha: I think everybody goes for a video version of anything. Even if you go to a radio station for an interview, there's a camera there. We did the audio and the video version, we did the audio version from home during lockdown. Everyone is interested in good conversation so why just spark one sense just spark many senses. I feel also the attention span of the world has gone down so much that I am hoping that over time they make time to watch this, that's the most important thing.

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