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Nusraat Faria: I am not looking for a relationship. I need to heal first

A song by Nusraat and British rapper Mumzy Stranger – Bujhina Toh Tai – was released today

Nusraat Faria: I am not looking for a relationship. I need to heal first
Nusraat Faria

Last Updated: 09.35 PM, Apr 22, 2023


This year, it has been a busy Eid for Nusraat Faria. In the morning, it was the trailer launch of Abar Bibao Obhijaan. In the evening, her single, Bujhina Toh Tai, with British rapper Mumzy Stranger was dropped. In between, the actress talked about her excitement in a chat with OTTplay.

“You will know I am tensed if you check my blood pressure. First, in the morning, it was the film trailer and now the music,” said an excited actress. 


This is for the first time Nusraat tied up with Mumzy. Talking about her music, the actress said that she always tries to bring out the POV of a woman. “All the time, we get to hear the boy’s side of the story. What about our feelings? In my first three songs, I projected woman’s expressions of love. This song is an expression of a confused young girl. This is a confused generation and we see people like her all the time,” she said. 

The song was completed one year ago, but Nusraat wanted to make it a perfect one. “Mumzy pitched the tune and I worked on it. The whole song was done one year ago. Then it was all about shooting and then finally that happened. I kept fighting with SVF Music so that the song happens exactly the way I wanted it to,” she said. 

a scene from the music video
a scene from the music video

Nusraat admitted that it was a great journey with Mumzy. “Initially, we barely knew each other and then we became friends. Mumzy is a wonderful person and he always said, “Faria, I’ve got your back. That was very comforting,” said the actress.

Only about a few months ago, Nusraat called off her engagement with Rony Rashid after a nine-year-long relationship. Has she recovered yet? “It’s never easy, especially when the relationship is for nine years. I am a very transparent person. When I got engaged I announced it to my fans. I have taken time to tell everyone that the engagement is over. I kept on telling that the wedding is getting postponed. Finally, I thought it is wrong to mislead my fans and well-wishers and hence I announced it. I am not the only woman in the world whose marriage got called off. There are others too. It was very difficult but everyone, including my ex, helped me to move on,” she said. Is Nusraat ready for a relationship? “I am not looking for a relationship. I need to heal first. 

Also, it is too early. We called it off in December last year and I am still not ready for another relationship. I am very busy with work. But I am also a very religious person and I don’t know what God has in store. I will embrace whatever I get,” she said. 

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