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Polimera 2: Satyam Rajesh thanks audiences for their 'solid response'; confirms Polimera 3

In an interview, actor Satyam Rajesh spoke about Polimera 2, his 20-year film career, and his desire to shed the comedian image.

Polimera 2: Satyam Rajesh thanks audiences for their 'solid response'; confirms Polimera 3

Satyam Rajesh

Last Updated: 05.49 PM, Nov 03, 2023


Polimera featuring Satyam Rajesh skipped its theatrical release and premiered on Hotstar last year. Seeing the response, the makers announced a sequel, Ma Oori Polimera 2 a few months back. The film is ready and was released on November 3, 2023. Satyam Rajesh speaks about the response, highlights of Polimera 2, and why one should not miss the film in theatres.

I never expected Polimera to be such a big hit on OTT

Part 1 of Polimera was an OTT release and impressed many. When asked about the film's success, Rajesh says he never expected the film to get such a good response. "I was sad that my first film as a hero did not get a theatrical release. But the way it was received on OTT and the praise I received for my performance, I have no complaints".

The response to Polimera 2 has been staggering

Polimera 2 was released on November 3, 2023, and when asked about the response, Satyam Rajesh says from the day the trailer was released, the buzz for the film was superb. "The film has finished two shows already and the response has been staggering and occupancy is improving with each passing show. The twists and turns are loved by the audience and very soon, a few more scenes will be added in Telugu states"adds Rajesh.

Polimera 2
Polimera 2

I went nude for Polimera 2

When asked about his dark role in the film, Rajesh says "I play a very dark character who does black magic and did not do any homework for my role. However, there is a scene in the film where I went nude just to get the essence right. It will come as a surprise to the audience and there are many twists in the film that will shock everyone".

Polimera 2 is not for the family audience

The trailers are dark and as the film deals with black magic, Polimera 2 is not for the family audience. When asked about the same, the young actor says "When compared to the prequel, Polimera 2 does not have that much adult content. Yes, I agree that there are many thrills and gory scenes that will not go well with the family audience. But for others, it is a thrilling watch".

Poliemera 3 is in the pipeline

There is news about the makers leaving the ending open for Polimera 3 and when asked about the same, Rajesh confirms Poliemera 3, and the audience will be given a clue about the same in the climax of Polimera 2. The story of Polimera 3 is getting ready and my director Anil Vishwanath is planning to make Polimera a franchise in the years to come.

I want to shed my comedian image

Satyam Rajesh has been in the industry for twenty years and started his career as a comedian. He has also played character roles but Polimera showcases his worth as an actor. When asked about the same, Rajesh says"I want to shed my comedian's image and be remembered as an actor who is versatile. Polimera 2 will showcase my acting skills and give an idea to the directors that I can be a terrific character actor.


Six of my films are now on floors

Satyam Rajesh is busy with films in his hand. When asked about his future projects, he says "I will be seen in key roles in Balakrishna's next, Varun Tej’s Matka, Tenant, and three other big hero films. For now, my duty is to promote Polimera 2 and take it deep into the audience. We have a winner in our hands and I want as many people to watch on the big screen as the twists and turns are shocking.

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