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Premalu director Girish AD explains why he prefers writing romantic dramas over other genres| Exclusive

In an interview with OTTplay, Girish speaks about Premalu and his preference to examine the dynamics of modern love relationships.

Premalu director Girish AD explains why he prefers writing romantic dramas over other genres| Exclusive
Girish AD and Poster of Premalu

Last Updated: 03.24 PM, Feb 09, 2024


Girish AD's approach to examining relationship dynamics in his two directorials had quickly gained popularity. While Thanneer Mathan Dinangal, his first film, focused on high school infatuations and amateur love, Super Sharanya, his second film, focused on the nuances of relationships in college.

He is currently excited with anticipation for his latest movie, Premalu, which portrays the friendships and relationships of youngsters in Hyderabad. Naslen and Mamitha Baiju are playing lead roles in this romantic comedy, which is set to hit the big screen on February 9

In an interview with OTTplay, Girish speaks about Premalu and why he prefers to write romantic dramas instead of any other genre.


Which aspects of Premalu, in your opinion, would appeal to the viewer?

I am still not exactly sure which features appeal to our audience. Premalu seems like it would be an enjoyable experience with just the right amount of emotional content. It has a modern feel to it. After watching Premalu, I have no doubt that audiences will have a smile on their faces as they exit theatres.

Your prior films, Thanneer Mathan Dinangal and Super Sharanya, were romantic comedies. Have you ever had the impression that you only fit into this specific genre?

I love crafting romantic comedies, particularly when I can incorporate multiple perspectives. I have made an effort to look into various characters' personalities as well as their perspectives on relationships and love. Instead of overly romanticising my stories or characters, I show them to be flawed and immature.

At some point in their lives, everyone has experienced love. Even though it is not a novel process, every one of them will have a unique and remarkable experience that they will cherish for a lifetime. All I can do is do my best to approach these moments in a straightforward and relatable way through my films.

In every one of your directorials, Naslen has taken centre stage. Is your decision to cast him deliberate because of your friendship with him?

Naslen is a very good actor, and I am comfortable working with him. He has my utmost trust, and I have his. Generally speaking, I am very particular about the comfort of my sets, which is why I like to work with crew and actors that I have previously worked with. This helps me feel more at ease on sets.

My choices for casting are based primarily on my script. I keep an eye out for performers who fit the role. Only then would it seem natural and relatable to the audience. Since Thanneer Mathan Dinangal required a group of teenagers, I searched for debutantes who would be best suited for the parts.

What factors are your top priorities when writing a script?

Without a doubt, the characters are the main focus. I also attempt to incorporate commercial elements into my films. I think it would not make sense to make a movie that our viewers would not find appealing at all. I also place the utmost emphasis on creating films that people will want to watch again. While writing a script, my most exciting thoughts are about how to incorporate each of these elements into my film.

During the Premalu press conference, you stated that your love for Hyderabad inspired you to create a movie with this city as the backdrop. Could you elaborate on this?

During my college years, I used to watch Telugu songs on music channels, and when I eventually saw their films, I became enthralled with them. In addition, I enjoy hearing the language. Telugu is not a language I understand, but I can tell it apart from other languages. I enjoy the place and, particularly, the people's way of life and culture.

I considered making Super Sharanya in Telugu after receiving calls from production companies there following the movie's OTT release. But Premalu popped up at the right time, and I had the opportunity to film it in Hyderabad.

Your films' spontaneous humour is also well received. Is there a specific process you follow when writing a screenplay?

The majority of them come from my casual conversations with my friends. We do engage in long discussions on a variety of topics, interspersed with jokes. The majority of them stick with me and come in handy when I am penning screenplays. While filming, some improvisations are made. Fortunately, it seems plausible and acceptable to people.

What are your upcoming projects?

My next film is I am Kathalan, with Naslen playing the protagonist. Unlike my previous films, this one has a serious undertone and is not a romantic comedy. It has elements of a crime thriller. Additionally, I am working on another script, and hopefully this year will see official announcements about it.

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