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Ram Madhvani recalls Aarya opened to 'mixed reviews'; says 'By Monday, I could...' | Exclusive interview

In an exclusive interview with OTTplay, Ram Madhvani opened up about the initial response to Aarya's first season. It featured Sushmita Sen in the lead role.

Ram Madhvani recalls Aarya opened to 'mixed reviews'; says 'By Monday, I could...' | Exclusive interview
Ram Madhvani and Aarya poster. (Courtesy - IMDb)

Last Updated: 01.28 PM, Feb 08, 2024


Ram Madhvani is the filmmaker who created the universe of Aarya. The first season of this franchise was released in 2020, with Sushmita Sen playing the lead role. With this web series, she also made her OTT debut. Cut to 2024, Aarya Antim Vaar is about to premiere on Disney+ Hotstar on February 9. Ahead of its release, OTTplay exclusively interviewed Ram Madhvani, who recalled the initial response to Aarya season one.

Ram Madhvani reveals Aarya opened to 'mixed reviews'

In an exclusive chat with OTTplay, Ram Madhvani stated that a thing about filmmakers is that they are constantly living in a 'state of anxiety' while thinking about different aspects of their project. 


Recalling the day Aarya premiered on OTT, Ram said, "So, on Friday, when it got released, obviously everybody looks at the reviews and they do matter to me. And I looked at it and we got mixed reviews on the first day. By Monday, I could smell it in the air. Somehow, you can smell it. You can pop your head out of the window and you can look and say, 'Ah! I think Aarya is a hit'."

Ram Madhvani recalls Aarya's 'critical acclaim'

Continuing his conversation with us, Madhvani stated that the series also got critical acclaim. "People who were saying it was too slow wanted it to be slow. And so, we also thought, ki shayad pacing ka problem hai but then we realised we wanted it to be emotional. Otherwise, if it was just a thriller, it would not have had the legs that it has," the director recalled.

In Ram's opinion, Aarya is an emotional story and it is not just a thriller or a crime drama. "And, in season two, they said to make her (Aarya) badass and now that we made her badass in 3.1, they are saying aur thoda emotion dona usko, please. Ab vo 3.2 mein hoga because we're listening," said Madhvani while signing off.

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