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Aarya Antim Vaar: What to expect in Season 3 of Sushmita Sen’s crime thriller?

Aarya Antim Vaar, the concluding half of Season 3 of Aarya, Sushmita Sen’s eponymous show, starring her in the avatar of a lioness drug queen, who protects her children and business equally fiercely.

Aarya Antim Vaar: What to expect in Season 3 of Sushmita Sen’s crime thriller?
Sushmita Sen in Aarya Season 3 (Courtesy: Disney+ Hotstar/YouTube)

Last Updated: 03.47 PM, Feb 05, 2024


Aarya Antim Vaar, the final half of Aarya Season 3 is releasing this month, right in time to jumpstart your pre-Valentine's weekend with loads of action, suspense, drama, and sacrifice. Starring Sushmita Sen as the eponymous sherni-in-action (aka a lioness), the show dropped the first part of Season 1 back in November 2023, making fans arduously wait for answers.

A brief recap and the answers to expect in Aarya Antim Vaar

Aarya Antim Vaar dropped its trailer on January 23, and dropped major hints about what to expect in the upcoming episodes. Aarya Season 3’s first four episodes saw a transformed Aarya, one who smokes cigars by the poolside , mafia-style, and hunts those who threaten to hurt her business or children. However, Part one of the third season ended on a calamitous note with a bleak future.


Aarya had to kill Indraneil Sengupta’s Sooraj, after her grief-stricken son Veer tried to kill the latter for murdering his girlfriend Roop, who was pregnant. Else, Sooraj would have killed her son in the blink of an eye. But she has already lost nearly everything. The ₹1000 crore stolen consignment of the Russians, thereby nearly her business to Ila Arun’s Nalini Sahiba, as well as her own children.

Veer detests his mother for not saving Roop, while Aaru also knows of her love interest Dhruv being shot by Aarya, who did so as her daughter’s love interest was Inspector Khan’s informant. For Aarya, her children come first, even before the business she is organically nurturing and expanding for them. Losing them would kill her. And that is exactly what will happen in Aarya Antim Vaar.

In Aarya’s ultimate battle with the enemies closing on all sides, she will lose the support of her near and dear ones, including her beloved children, Veer, Aaru, and even young Adi. The action-packed, taut trailer keeps viewers on the edge, as it shows Aarya contemplating killing herself to end all strife. Sikander Kher’s Daulat however promises to return and help Aarya take down her enemies.

Ultimate question that Aarya Antim Vaar will answer and its Release Date

But will Aarya survive the struggle? Her kids might just make it, but will the roaring lioness remain standing with her head held high, after everything she has overcome, or will be brought down? The thrilling answer to that remains to be seen in Aarya Antim Vaar, which will start streaming the remaining four episodes on February 9, 2024.

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