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Aarya Season 3 Part 2 OTT release – Here's when and where to watch Sushmita Sen claw her way through enemies

Sushmita Sen’s sherni will be back to roar and claw a final time to protect her family in the thrilling conclusion to Season 3. After an arduous wait, Arya Season 3 Part 2 is finally here.

Aarya Season 3 Part 2 OTT release – Here's when and where to watch Sushmita Sen claw her way through enemies
Sushmita Sen in Aarya Season 3. Hotstar

Last Updated: 05.22 PM, Jan 19, 2024


Arya Season 3’s final part is set to drop on February 9, 2024, on its home OTT platform, Disney+Hotstar. Created and co-directed by Ram Madhvani, Part Two of Aarya Season 3 is titled ‘Antim Vaar’. The cast this season features Sushmita Sen, Ila Arun, Sikandar Sher, and Indraneil Sengupta in prominent roles.

A brief recap of Season 3 Part 1 of Aarya; the lioness symbolism

Aarya Season 3 Part 1 dropped in November 2023 and won hearts with its captivating portrayal of an Aarya who has finally come into her being and taken the road less travelled, turning her victimised but protective mother of three into a suave and fierce drug queen who is determined to claw her way to the top, tearing through their ranks and roaring loud enough to scare any competitors away.


The lioness symbolism is suitable for Sushmita Sen’s Aarya, as the character is not just fierce and confident but also burdened and flawed. Yet she holds her head high and does the best with what she has. She does not resort to cheap tricks or limericks to impress; her words and silence are enough. Otherwise, she knows how to answer with guns and swords well enough now.

What will happen in Aarya Season 3 Part 2?

In Season 3, Part 2, as well, Aarya will have to make a choice. Will she continue with the business, or will she run away with her kids? This is a problem that has trailed and confronted her at every blind turn, but she has never found it harder than the present. Is it an attachment to a business she is building like an adopted brainchild of hers, or is it an exceptional case of patience on her part to bear the brunt of something she never wanted?

A safe life with the kids will always be her priority, but since Aarya Season 3 began, a new Aarya has emerged who does not mind the life of a drug queen, as long as she does not have to lose her close ones. The killing, the dealing, the politics—she is getting the hang of it now. Also, after the events of Season 3 regarding Roop and Dhruv, both of her children, Veer and Aru, are unlikely to have any cordial relations with her, at least for a significant period of time.

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