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Sambhavavivaranam Nalara Sangham director Krishand says the C-list gangsters in this series run the show | Exclusive

His upcoming series, Sambhavavivaranam Nalara Sangham or The Chronicles Of The 4.5 Gang, will be streaming on SonyLiv soon.

Sambhavavivaranam Nalara Sangham director Krishand says the C-list gangsters in this series run the show | Exclusive

Krishand and poster of his upcoming web series Sambhavavivaranam Nalara Sangham | Photo: Instagram

Last Updated: 07.40 PM, Jan 13, 2024


National Film Award recipient Krishand RK is back with another OTT original, much to the excitement of film enthusiasts across the country. His upcoming series, Sambhavavivaranam Nalara Sangham, or The Chronicles Of The 4.5 Gang, will be streaming on SonyLiv soon this year. Purusha Pretham, his previous film, is likewise accessible on the same platform.

The first poster of the web series was unveiled by the makers and the cast on January 7. Jagadish, Indrans, Sanju Sivram, Darshana Rajendran, Prashanth Alexander, Niranj Maniyanpilla Raju, Santhy Balachandran, Zarin Shihab, Anoop Mohandas, Vishnu Agasthya, Hakkim Shahjahan, Sreenath Babu, Rahul Rajagopal, Zhinz Babu, Geethi Sangeeha, Sachin Joseph, and Shambhu Suresh are playing prominent roles in this project.

Krishand gives more sneak peeks in to this web series and his next endeavours in an exclusive interview with OTTplay.

The audience is eager to learn more about Sambhavavivaranam Nalara Sangham. What is this web series all about?

Sambhavavivaranam Nalara Sangham, or The Chronicles of the 4.5 Gang, is a bizarre yet interesting gangster tale that takes place in Trivandrum. The main characters in this series are C-Listers who indulge in petty crimes like theft and brawls at local festivals. However, by the end of this series, they manage to elevate themselves to a new level.

The six-part web series is serious in the same way as Purusha Pretham, but it also has a hint of impromptu humour. Additionally, we have added a fresh viewpoint on violence and comic book-style texts. My love of graphics and their application is evident in this one, just like in my earlier works.

We will reveal more updates in the next few days. This month's filming will soon get underway. In a 120-day schedule, the web series will be shot in more than 80 locations, including Trivandrum, Tamil Nadu, Bombay, and Kanyakumari.

What do you have to say about the stellar cast of this web series?

Many of the performers in this series are well-liked by a particular subset of moviegoers, particularly youngsters. Prashanth Alexander, Sreenath Babu, Darshana, Jagadish, and most of them I have worked with. Every character in this work has a grey shade because the series tackles class-related issues in our society. By committing crimes, these characters are also trying to establish a respectable place in society. Our ensemble is flawless, with each member fitting their respective part perfectly.

The female leads—Darshana Rajendran, Santhy Balachandran, and Zarin Shihab—play interesting parts that will undoubtedly remain in the minds of the audience.

What are the challenges of making gangster-based content?

It all comes down to striking the correct balance! I may personally find certain dialogues to be politically incorrect, but my commitment to art compels me to include them in my work, doing justice to my characters. We cannot entirely focus on political correctness when creating gangster films or web series.

With a testosterone-driven concept, Sambhavavivaranam Nalara Sangham is focusing on its male characters, just like any other gangster content. Although female characters play a significant role in this work, the focus of the web series is on the men.

How did the idea of making Sambhavavivaranam Nalara Sangham come about?

First of all, it is tougher to get your work on OTT platforms than to bring it to the big screen. In 2016, I pitched this script to another digital platform. I was introduced to SonyLiv in 2019 by my friend and editor, Sasikumar, and they were thrilled to be producing this web series. But in order to bring the script up to date, I had to make some changes. I had written this script prior to making my film Aavasavyuham: The Arbit Documentation of An Amphibian Hunt. Giving it a form and a release platform took me seven years.

What aspects do you think will make this web series appealing to viewers?

The music of Sambhavavivaranam Nalara Sangham, which is composed by Varkey and Sooraj Santhosh, is going to be the highlight of the series. Its gripping action scenes would be another interesting aspect.

What are your upcoming projects?


Sangharsha Kadana (The Art of War) is my next directorial. It is a straightforward tale told in a unique infotainment style. In addition, I am the executive producer of the dystopian sci-fi film Gaganachari, starring Anarkali Marikar, Gokul Suresh, Ganesh Kumar, and Aju Varghese.

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