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Shark Tank India 2 Exclusive! Broomees talk expansion plans

Broomes were among one of the pitchers on Shark Tank India season 2.

Shark Tank India 2 Exclusive! Broomees talk expansion plans
Shark Tank India 2.

Last Updated: 07.57 PM, Feb 17, 2023


Shark Tank India season 2 saw one of the pitchers solving problems of day-to-day lives – that of household maids. Yes, we’re talking about Broomees. While currently active in Delhi-NCR, they do plan to expand in India and across the globe. They also talk to OTTplay about their journey from Shark Tank to real life.

Excerpts from the interview…

You have been almost leading in terms of online maid hiring in Delhi-NCR. Any plans to expand to other cities?

Yes, absolutely. Currently we're in and around Gurgaon, Delhi and Noida. We now plan to move in to Bangalore and then Hyderabad.

What brought you to Shark Tank India?

It's the best platform for startups right now, especially in terms of getting investors and good marketing. Everyone who has seen Shark Tank is families like us and they all use the kind of services and products showcased on TV. It builds a lot of trust in the mind of an Indian consumer. That is what brought us to Shark Tank.

Are you satisfied with what was offered?

Absolutely, 100% satisfied with that since it is what we asked for. What we didn't ask for is the immense traffic that we received. We have to thank Shark Tank India for that.

Some have experienced double turnovers after coming on Shark Tank India. Was it the same with you?

It's more than double, actually. We've got five times traction.

Do you three have prior business experience or learnt everything on the job?

We three are 26-27. We have prior experience of a job. We all come from a middle-class family so nobody has experience in business. It was only driven out of passion. We left our jobs and started Broomees. Thank God for that.

Now, I went through Broomees module and while the pricing is there, what about instructions? Other apps, like rental apps, have a policy of cancelling anytime. However, it's not clear on Broomees, or did I miss it?

Yes, there is an option. You will receive the credit in case you wish to re-hire a maid in your locality. So, there's cancellation and renewal policy too.

What if someone wants only two services from the app? Because you have hiring separately or an all-rounder. Any plans to work on that?

In all-rounder, you can create a mix and match of two or three services. Those looking for a cook and babysitter, they can go in all-rounder and then select those services. In case there's a service you don't require, there's an option to click not required.

What do we see in terms of Broomees' future?

As of now, we've been able to get 40,000 workers on board. In the next year, we want to register and train at least 1.5 lac workers. In the next five years, we should be present in Delhi-NCR, Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore and Mumbai with more than 10 lac registered workers. This is where we see Broomees go.

In terms of revenue, as of now, we're sourcing around Rs. 1 crores. 5 years down the line, this number should be at least 100 times higher.

Many other businesses have plans to expand in the international market. Do you think it will be beneficial for you guys or do you want to tap into Indian markets the most?

We have plans to tap into the International markets, given we work on our compliances and legal aspects. The demand is immense. We still get queries from Middle East, Australia, US. Thus, we will expand there slowly and in a good profit. Since this business requires immense responsibility, if something goes wrong, it can really go wrong. We have some time to get there but it is in the pipeline.

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