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Sudheer Babu Interview - Harom Hara will showcase how versatile I am as an actor

Sudheer Babu plays the main lead in the upcoming Telugu film, Harom Hara. The action drama is all set to hit the screens on June 14, 2024. 

Sudheer Babu Interview - Harom Hara will showcase how versatile I am as an actor

Sudheer Babu in Harom Hara

Last Updated: 02.46 PM, Jun 11, 2024


Harom Hara is Sudheer Babu's latest film, which will be released on June 14, 2024. In the transcript, Sudheer Babu t alks to us about his role, surviving multiple flops in his 15-year-old career, and playing a crazy role in the film.

You mouth the Chittoor accent so well in Harom Hara. Tell us about it.

Yes, all those who have seen the trailer have complimented me on my Kuppam accent. To be frank, I did not work that much on my accent and learned it quickly. Right from my childhood, I lived in hostels, and that is where I was exposed to all sorts of accents from different regions. That is why getting the Chittoor accent was not at all difficult.

Sudheer Babu in Harom Hara
Sudheer Babu in Harom Hara

What is Harom Hara all about?

Harom Hara has three layers. The first layer concerns the hero getting into trouble due to gun manufacturing. Then, the village he lives in has a major problem, and the hero's solution to it is the major issue. Lastly, the manner in which these two episodes are linked to yet another aspect is the basic crux of the film.

You are super talented and do out-of-the-box films. But most of your films flop. How do you fight through failures?

I am a born fighter who never gives up. As a sportsman myself, the fighting spirit in me never dies. I am not here to do films for the sake of it. I want to prove myself as an actor and be different, and that will only happen when I do films out of the box. In that journey, some films click, and some fail, but I am sure that one day, one film will change that for me.

A still from Harom Hara
A still from Harom Hara

You have completed 15 years in showbiz; how do you analyze your career?

There is a lot of scope for improvement. But I feel that though my films have failed, I have never failed as an actor. I have only seen a rise in my acting prowess, and I have always been appreciated for my performances. Yes, there are flops, but with time, I have only learned from my failure, and it has given me the scope to learn the art better.

Sunil plays a key role in the film. Tell us about your work experience with him

Sunil has re-invented himself with Allu Arjun's Pushpa. He plays a key role in Harom Haram and has an interesting get-up. You will see a new Sunil in the film, and I feel when you have versatile actors performing in front of you, things only get better, even with my performance.


Harom Hara has crazy visuals. Tell us about it.

Arvind Viswanathan is the camerawork, and he is only one film old. Not many know, but he was hired only for a month, and every one of us thought we would see his work and then decide whether to continue with him or not. But after watching the first schedule on the big screen, we were shocked. Now, everyone is only talking about his camerawork which will be one of the major highlights of Harom Hara.

The general feeling is that your talent has not been tapped properly to date. Do you agree with it?

I cannot say that completely, but with every film, I try to showcase something new. I feel my fans will absolutely love me in Harom Hara. This is my best performance to date, and you will see a very complete avatar in a very emotional performance. I am super confident that Harom Hara will click at the box office and bring me back on track.

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