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Happy Birthday Kristen Wiig: Some of the comedienne’s works that you should not miss out on
Shilpa S
Aug 22, 2021

The list of comedy heavyweights in Hollywood would be incomplete without the inclusion of Kristen Wiig’s name. Ever since her humble start in the genre as a part of an improv troupe, she has found her feet as a comedienne. From being an important part of Saturday Night Live to getting her breakthrough with the film Bridesmaids, Wiig never failed to delight and captivate audiences with her chameleon-like abilities to emulate diverse range of characters and impeccable writing skills. She had also made forays into drama and the superhero genres as well, proving she will not be limited.

As the Golden Globe nominated actress turns 49, here is a look back at some of her stunning performances.

7.2OTTplay Rating
Widely regarded as one of the finest women-centric comedy films of the decade, Bridesmaids tells the story of a jaded woman in her thirties who is tasked with the role of being the maid of honour for her best friend’s wedding. However she bites off more than she can chew when the tasks associated with the role begin to try her patience, especially having to deal with her friend’s companions. Kristen Wiig’s role as the lead in the film became one of the most popular in her career, earning her nominations for numerous accolades. Audiences all across the globe fell in love with her performance as the relatable protagonist, insecure, cheeky, and yet despite her flaws, who is still always there for her friend during a crisis.
6.4OTTplay Rating
A woman-centric remake of the 1984 classic film of the same name, Ghostbusters follows the adventures of four unconventional women 'parapsychologists’ who make it their mission to rid New York City of ghosts. Even amidst a highly talented ensemble cast, Kristen Wiig manages to stand out in her role as the physicist and author, whose interest and belief in the supernatural is reignited after a ghostly encounter. Her performance is the perfect blend of humorous and awkwardly relatable, something one rarely comes to expect in a film about ghosts.
Wonder Woman 1984
5OTTplay Rating
A sequel to the 2017 movie starring DC’s most popular female superheroes, Wonder Woman 1984 takes up the story of the amazonian warrior after the events of the first movie, following her grappling with the loss of her beloved in the face of new threats. Kristen Wiig emulates the role of the main antagonist, a meek young woman by the name of Barbara, who lets her ambitions and greed get the best of her, which ultimately leads her down a path to her own destruction. Wiig steals every scene she’s in as the animalistic villain, a role unlike she’s ever done before, with a performance powerful enough to make audiences forget who they were supposed to root for.
Girl Most Likely
6OTTplay Rating
Girl Most Likely tells the story of Imogene, whose life is a far cry from what she had imagined it to be. Once a playwright with a promising career, she is fired from her low paying writing job and dumped by her boyfriend. A staged suicide attempt to win him back goes horribly wrong, as she is forced to move back in with her estranged mother, and she now has to devise a way to get her life back on track. Wiig’s portrayal of the uninspired protagonist in this quirky comedy was described as the saving grace of the film, which received a lukewarm response from critics.
Welcome to Me
5.7OTTplay Rating
This touching comedy drama tells the story of a woman afflicted with borderline personality disorder, whose life takes a drastic turn after she wins an enormous sum of money in a lottery. Determined to emulate the persona of her favourite Oprah Winfrey, she decides to start her own talk show, and also takes the unwise decision to stop her medication. Kristen Wiig gives it her all as the mentally ill protagonist, all over the place with the weight of her decisions, to enthrall viewers with a transfixing performance.
The Diary of a Teenage Girl
6.4OTTplay Rating
Based on the novel of the same name, this bold comedy drama tells the story of a teenage girl who unwisely decides to have an affair with her mother’s boyfriend. The film was lauded for its honest portrayals of unconventional themes. Kristen Wiig shines as the teenage protagonist’s aloof mother, too busy to give notice to her daughter, who begins to look for it elsewhere, a decision which leaves her down a precarious path.

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