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Did Avatar’s visual grandeur leave you fascinated? Here's a documentary about the place that inspired James Cameron

Hunan: The Other World Of Avatar is streaming on DocuBay and is about the place that inspired the world of James Cameron's Avatar. 

Did Avatar’s visual grandeur leave you fascinated? Here's a documentary about the place that inspired James Cameron
Watch Hunan On DocuBay

Last Updated: 07.21 PM, May 15, 2024


It was over a year ago that we were all treated to the second round of James Cameron's visually scintillating piece of imagination that culminated in a historic franchise film. Yes, we are talking about Avatar and Avatar: The Way Of Water that hit screens over a decade apart but managed to create a stir equally in the frenzy, if not the box office. 

The two films gave us a new world that was full of new cultures, visual grandeur, and storytelling techniques. But what stood out in the movie was the forest, the planet Pandora, which was as alive as the people of the planet. The forest became a character and in no time we were left thinking, What if a forest looking like that really existed? Now what if we tell you it does and it is the same that inspired Cameron to make Pandora look like it does?

The Avatar Connection

DocuBay has been bringing to us some of the most nuanced and loved documentaries from across the world. We recently saw the platform bring Chadar The Ice Trail and many more documentaries to India that can be accessed with our OTTplay Premium subscription. The latest one that we recommend you watch today is called Hunan - The Other World Of The Avatar, a documentary about the national park that inspired James Cameron to make Pandora look like it. Read on to learn everything you should know about the same.

The pointed mountains, the vastly connected trees, and a cover so thick that even sunlight couldn't penetrate through it are things that are so specific to the set of Avatar that we have now started connecting the movie to it. The Zhangjiajie National Park in China is a place full of the aforementioned things and even more. Hunan: The Other World Of The Avatar is a documentary that explores the same. It is a land of mountains that have been shaped like swords—a landscape that is fascinating and a glorious piece of the magic nature can do.


But the documentary is not all about the Avatar Connection; rather, it delves deeper into the community of the people who call this place home. We meet the Miao community as they celebrate their annual festival. Director Laurence Thiriat explores their lives in the landscape pretty well and you will be stunned to see what all he manages to discover in the meantime.

About Hunan

The official synopsis for Hunan: The Other World Of The Avatar reads, “Visit the Zhangjiajie National Park in China that inspired the world in director James Cameron’s Avatar. A land of steep mountains rising like swords from the ground; jagged, karst peaks that emerge from the clouds like floating islands; and a river banked by exotic trees along its winding path. Meet the inhabitants of this surreal place, their beliefs and their mythology. As the Miao people celebrate their annual festival, get a glimpse of their rich and vibrant culture and traditions and an understanding of their unique way of life.”

You can watch Hunan on DocuBay with your OTTplay Premium subscription. For more information on this and everything else in the world of streaming and films, stay tuned to OTTplay.

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