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3 latest OTT releases on SonyLIV, Aha, ManoramaMAX that you must not miss this weekend

Your weekend watchlist would feel incomplete without these top three new OTT releases. 

3 latest OTT releases on SonyLIV, Aha, ManoramaMAX that you must not miss this weekend
New OTT movies

Last Updated: 11.27 AM, Aug 25, 2023


A slew of new releases have arrived on the streaming platforms this week. But, here are three movies, which have been selected based on their merits to both entertain and make us think. 

Your weekend watchlist would feel incomplete without these top three choices. 



Baby is one of the highly debated movies of 2023. It sparked a lot of concerns about the way female leads are portrayed in mainstream movies. Soon after the release of the trailer, it was clear that Baby would be received with polarising reactions. Many were worried whether the movie was casting its woman protagonist, who seemed to aspire for a better life, instead of being tied down to her adolescent relationship commitments, in a bad light. Judging from the trailer, the movie tells the coming-of-age story of Vaishnavi (Vaishnavi Chaitanya), who gets to experience a different and better life when she begins college. However, her school boyfriend Anand (Anand Devarakonda) flunks and is forced to take up a job as an autorickshaw driver. While Vaishnavi seems to be moving up, Anand is stuck. This dynamic creates conflict in the relationship. And the trailer suggested that Anand is the victim in the story and that led to numerous debates. The big names in Telugu cinema threw their weight behind the movie, and the young audiences lapped up the movie without a lot of questions. The movie was a big hit. And now it's left to us to watch and decide for ourselves what's right and wrong about this Baby. 

Baby is streaming on Aha. 

Father Stu:

Judging from the trailer, Father Stu, at first, feels like an R-rated comedy. An aimless man, who is constantly switching passions to find his true calling. He wants to be a professional boxer, but he seems to have a glass chin. After a tough boxing match, Stu (Mark Wahlberg) decides to try his luck in acting. He packs his bags, despite his mother's advice, and goes to Hollywood in the hope of becoming a star. And all he could manage was to get a job of manning the counter at a meat shop. As they say, the god works in mysterious ways. Stu meets a girl and the girl gets him baptised. His new-found relationship with god helps him during his recovery after a near-fatal road accident. And then Stu decides, he doesn't want to be a boxer or actor, but a god's messenger, a priest. Inspired by a true story, Father Stu promises to offer some great performances, memorable lines and laugh-out-loud moments all the while tugging at our heartstrings. 

Father Stu is streaming on SonyLIV. 


Judging from the trailer, Kurukkan seems like a dark comedy, which exposes the limitations of our criminal justice system. The main character is an old man named Krishnan, played by the famous Sreenivasan. He's known for being a witness who doesn't tell the truth. Everyone in the court - the judge, lawyers, police, and media - knows about him. And yet, Krishnan makes a killing by lying under oath with impunity. As long as you know how to exploit the loopholes in the law and have no morals, it seems you have nothing to worry about. At the centre of the narrative is a murder investigation and Kirshnan's efforts in influencing the outcome of its trial. Helmed by Jayalal Divakaran, the movie also stars Vineeth Sreenivasan, Sreekanth Murali, Sudheer Karamana, Aswath Lal, Dileep Menon, Sruthi Jayan, Malavika Menon, Gouri Nanda and Sohan Seenulal.

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Kurukkan is streaming on ManoramaMAX. 

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