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5 Chaupal Bhojpuri original shows you should not miss

If you are wondering about what to do this weekend, then, let us guide you through the 5 Chaupal Bhojpuri original shows that you should not just miss!

5 Chaupal Bhojpuri original shows you should not miss
5 Chaupal Bhojpuri original shows you should not miss

Last Updated: 04.37 PM, Apr 15, 2024


With the weekend just started, we are sure that you will be busy making plans to step out of the house or even party. But, for those who are planning to stay back at home or even for those who are stepping out, take our suggestion for making this weekend a bright weekend by tuning into the OTT app Chaupal Bhojpuri with these below mentioned shows that you can watch at leisure!

Name of the show: Purvanchal
Produced by: Abhay Sinha
Written and directed by: Dheeraj Pandit
Star cast: Dinesh Lal Yadav (Nirahua) and Amrapali Dubey


Story Plot:
Considered to be one of the best shows ever in Bhojpuri, this Dheeraj Pandit written and directed show is all about politics and the manner in which the leaders utilise and manipulate the circumstances in their favour. ‘Jubilee Star’ Nirahua plays the role of a trigger happy and non-emotional man, who does not think twice before making anyone kneel down to death, by hook or by crook.

The only thing that he keeps on regretting is that, he was a poor man. And ever since the day he realises that he was poo fi8nnacially, he vows to become a rich man by adopting any means. On the other hand, he has the love of his life in the form of the character played by none other than Amrapali Dubey. Will she be able to transform his life and make him a better human being is what forms the rest of the must-watch show.

Name of the show: Range
Directed by: Taj in association with Hf Production
Star cast: Navi Bhangu, Aman Sutdhar, Sherry Agarwal, Hashneen Chauhan, Hobby Dhaliwal, Tarsem Paul, Anita Meet and others

Story Plot:
This series is all about the famous saying, ‘Might is right’. While on one hand, there is the motherland whom the senior of the family wants to protect, on the other hand, there are the goons who want to seize the land by hook or by crook. That’s when the protagonist come to the fore to protect the motherland against the goons.

Name of the show: 100 Beegha Zameen
Produced by: Ambarsariye Productions
Directed by: D. K. Bains
Star cast: Yaad Garewal, Saniya Pannu

Story plot:
The story premise of this gripping original is all about the land and lang grabbing. While on one hand, everyone respects the land till the time it gives them food grains, on the other hand, all of the people start fighting for the same land because of the selfish motives of earning money from it. The series’ story takes a U turn with the sudden suicide of Kasturi, which, eventually, comes across as a murder and not a suicide as wit was made out to be.

Name of the show: Kala Shehar
Star cast: Pawan Singh

Story Plot:
The story of this series is extremely gripping as it deals about the dark arena of the underworld as well as the black money. When the time arises, the series’ protagonist decides to take these goons head on. Laced with extremely powerful one liners, the series is all about the bad and the rise of the good in order to eliminate the bad.

The series, which is laced with emotions like love, hate, revenge and also backstabbing, is a sure shot must watch.

Name of the show: Please Kill Me
Produced by: Chaupal Studios and Villagers Studio
Directed by: Prem Singh Sidhu

Story Plot:
The story revolves around the life and the lifestyle of the young lady Jasleen. What starts off as a basic hiding, eventually turns out to be kidnapping. Minutes passes into hours and hours passes into days… but, there is no sign of tracing of the bright and young Jasleen. Will she be found at last or is there more than what meets the eye is what forms the rest of the story plot.

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