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6 Films to Watch If You Loved Netflix's The Archies

Netflix’s The Archies has been a real rage since its very advent. The hype and the enthusiastic buzz leading up to its release was almost palpable.

6 Films to Watch If You Loved Netflix's The Archies

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Last Updated: 09.44 PM, Dec 08, 2023


It’s rather overwhelming on most days to think of things to watch given the vast spectrum of streaming options. However, Netflix’s The Archies has been a real rager since its very advent. The hype and the enthusiastic buzz leading up to its release was almost palpable. The film features vibrant visuals, retro themes, and music whopped into a coming-of-age tale. If The Archies hit you with its charisma and Zoya Akhter allured you with her filmmaking flair, then you have got to give yourself a taste of the same palette. So, here we are with six films that share the spirit of The Archies, offering a mix of romance, mystery, and the complexities of adolescence.


To All the Boys I've Loved Before (2018):

To kick off our list, let's delve into the world of heartfelt teen romance with To All the Boys I've Loved Before. Based on Jenny Han's novel, this film follows the life of Lara Jean Covey, a high school student whose secret love letters are accidentally sent out, leading to unexpected romantic entanglements. With a blend of humour, sincerity, and relatable characters, this film captures the essence of young love and self-discovery, making it a perfect choice for fans of The Archies.

Stranger Things (2016-present):

If you're drawn to the mix of mystery, nostalgia, and a tight-knit group of friends that The Archies offer, then Stranger Things is a must-watch. Set in the 1980s, this sci-fi series takes viewers on a thrilling journey filled with supernatural occurrences, government experiments, and the enduring bonds of friendship. As a nostalgic nod to the '80s, it blends elements of horror, adventure, and coming-of-age, creating a captivating narrative that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The Kissing Booth (2018)

For those who enjoyed the romantic dynamics and high school setting of The Archies, The Kissing Booth provides a delightful blend of comedy and drama. The story revolves around Elle Evans, whose life takes a turn when she runs a kissing booth at the school carnival. Filled with teenage angst, first loves, and the complexities of friendships, this film resonates with the emotional rollercoaster that often accompanies adolescence. It's a light-hearted yet compelling watch that captures the essence of teenage relationships.

Riverdale (2017-present):

If you're a fan of the Archie Comics universe, you might find solace in the live-action adaptation, Riverdale. This series takes the beloved characters from Archie Comics and reimagines them in a dark and mysterious light. The small town of Riverdale becomes the backdrop for a thrilling mix of drama, romance, and intrigue. With its intricate plotlines, complex characters, and unexpected twists, Riverdale offers a modern take on the classic Archie Comics, appealing to both longtime fans and newcomers alike.

Love, Simon (2018):

Love, Simon is a groundbreaking coming-of-age film that explores the challenges of self-discovery and acceptance during adolescence. The story follows Simon Spier, a high school student who grapples with his identity as a gay teenager while navigating the ups and downs of teenage life. Heartwarming and authentic, this film sheds light on the importance of embracing one's true self, making it a powerful addition to the teen drama genre. If you appreciated the themes of identity and self-acceptance in The Archies, Love, Simon is a must-watch.

The Edge of Seventeen (2016):

Closing our list is The Edge of Seventeen, a coming-of-age comedy-drama that delves into the complexities of adolescence with wit and authenticity. The film follows Nadine, a high school junior dealing with the challenges of friendship, family, and the awkwardness of growing up. With its sharp dialogue, relatable characters, and a stellar performance from Hailee Steinfeld, The Edge of Seventeen captures the essence of teenage angst authentically.

Well that's all we have for this episode of List hai toh hit hai, until the next time it's your host Nikhil signing out.

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Written by Apurva Dutta

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