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A day after getting a hug from Karan Johar, Munawar Faruqui reigns as Bigg Boss 17 King of the Week

Isha Malviya had called Munawar Faruqui the 'use-and-throw' type

A day after getting a hug from Karan Johar, Munawar Faruqui reigns as Bigg Boss 17 King of the Week

Last Updated: 08.35 PM, Jan 15, 2024


Munawar Faruqui was among the four Bigg Boss 17 contestants who got a hug from Karan Johar over the Weekend Ka Vaar episode. The stand-up comedian has been going through a lot of accusations since Ayesha Khan’s entry on the Salman Khan-hosted show. Despite it all, he continues to reign as the King of the Week, week-after-week. This time it happened right after a very emotional episode for Munawar, Ayesha and even Nazila Sitaishi, who isn’t even a part of the show as a contestant.

Why Munawar got a hug

Karan went on to give Munawar a hug and soon after, he made it clear why the comedian was deserving of the gesture. Munawar is one of the most popular and strongest players on the show but in the recent times, he is also the most judged inside and outside the show. Munawar’s co-contestant Isha Malviya had said that Munawar is the type of man who uses people and throws them away. This was in the context of Ayesha Khan, who came to the show with the claim that Munawar had two-timed her with Nazila Sitaishi. Unfortunately, the latter, who is not even a part of the show, was dragged into the conversations time-and-again and she went on Instagram live to shut one-and-all up. As for Munawar and Nazila, Karan also questioned Isha’s ‘double standards,’ for she wants to know exactly what happened between Munawar and Ayesha while she refused to even accept her own boyfriend Samarth Jurel on the show.

Others who got a hug

Mannara Chopra also got a hug thanks to Isha Malviya. So did Abhishek Kumar, who has received a lot of support from the internet too since Isha and Samarth poking him through words like mental and abuses which had to be beeped out. The fourth person to get a hug from Karan was Ankita Lokhande. This is owing to her realizing what her husband Vicky Jain’s mother has done in the outside world. Vicky was also bashed during Weekend Ka Vaar but owing to Ankita’s plea, Karan did not elaborate on the topic.

Why Munawar is not liked in the house as before

Munawar continues to receive love from the outside world, even though there is now a certain section of audience who is judging him. While the comedian was extremely popular on the show since the beginning, things changed since Ayesha’s entry on Bigg Boss 17. Munawar started ignoring everyone and has been spending all of his time with Ayesha. The contestants are not too fond of that and now Munawar has only one true friend remaining in Abhishek. Mannara and Ankita also have his back often but Munawar spends most of his time with Ayesha and after her, Abhishek. That is also the reason why when there’s a fight involving Abhishek, Munawar is also called out, especially by Vicky. Whether the bond that Munawar and the housemates once shared can be repaired remains to be seen.

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