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A Shop For Killers teaser- Kim Hye Joon inherits lots of weapons and even more enemies in this thriller series

Disney has revealed a teaser trailer for a brand new Kdrama that is dropping on Disney+ early next year. A Shop For Killers has a promising premise, full of assassins, weapons, and dark comedy.

A Shop For Killers teaser- Kim Hye Joon inherits lots of weapons and even more enemies in this thriller series
A still from the teaser trailer of A Shop For Killers

Last Updated: 09.38 PM, Dec 26, 2023


A Shop For Killers, a spanking new Disney+ original series, shared its teaser trailer a few hours ago, and it is nothing short of intriguing, as the story has many paths before it to move ahead with its versatile and trending plot.

In a time when slashers, serial killers, supernatural murders, ritualistic sacrifices, and the crime thrillers based on such genres are the craze and the majority of all OTT projects, the show’s plot has the potential to do something refreshing.


Slated for release on January 17, 2024, A Shop For Killers is based on a novel by Lang Ji Young, who had also authored the book that led to The Killer’s Shopping List in 2022. The action dramedy follows the tale of Jung Ji An, a young college student, who becomes the target of several mysterious crime organizations and assassins after inheriting her uncle’s shopping mall.

Since Ji An was brought up by her uncle Jin Man after her parents' untimely demise, his apparent death propels her for a sudden swim in shark-infested waters. But not only the shopping mall, what Ji An learns in the course of the story is that her uncle sells weapons and guns of all kinds. He even has an online store, with a sleek website and all the works.

The trailer offers a minute-full of thrill, humor, and action scenes in which we see Ji An try to come to terms with the secrets her uncle kept for her, while preparing her for it all the same. Never in her wildest dreams would Ji An have imagined that learning to shoot would end up with her running a family weaponry business one day.

However, as the teaser trailer easily balances emotion side by side with the action, viewers get to see Uncle Jin Man’s tough love for his niece. When he leaves the choice open to her, as revealed via flashbacks, whether she wishes to continue the business. He would always love her.

Thankfully, Uncle has brought up a sweet warrior in her own right, for she manages to hold down her fort well. Whether she succeeds, and what choice she makes regarding the family business, is an adventure that must be enjoyed by all Kdrama enthusiasts.

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