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Aamir Khan reveals how he got the Mr Perfectionist tag, and Shabana Azmi is to be blamed

Aamir Khan became Mr. Perfectionist when he was shooting for Dil

Aamir Khan reveals how he got the Mr Perfectionist tag, and Shabana Azmi is to be blamed
Aamir Khan's next is tenatively titled Sitaare Zameen Par. (Image source: Instagram)

Last Updated: 09.13 PM, Apr 27, 2024


Aamir Khan is referred to as the Mr. Perfectionist in Bollywood over the years that he has worked in Bollywood. However, that was not always the case. It happened when he was shooting for Dil (opposite Madhuri Dixit) and the incident did not even happen on sets. Shabana Azmi (who is not even a part of the movie) is to be blamed for the tag that has stuck with him for years at an end.

Happened when Dil was in the making

During his time on The Great Indian Kapil Show, Aamir said that Shabana Azmi is responsible for the tag that is stuck with him. He recalls shooting for Dil with Indra Kumar as the director and Baba Azmi as the cameraman. Aamir said that they would visit Janki Kutir for the top cameraman, Baba Azmi.


How Aamir’s one incident gave him the tag

The actor recalled them all being in a deep discussion (he doesn’t remember what the discussion was). It was when Shabana brought tea for the guests and asked Aamir how much sugar would he need in his beverage. Aamir was lost in the discussion and didn’t realize what Shabana was asking. He looked at her and took five minutes to register the question thanks to his overthinking the situation at hand. The actor then asked Shabana how tall is the glass and the actress responded by showing him what the cup looks like. Not just this, Aamir even asked what is the size of the spoon and then said that he would take one spoon sugar in the tea being served to him.

Shabana Azmi made Aamir Khan Mr. Perfectionist

Aamir then revealed that Shabana went on to spill the story everywhere she went. That is how the actor got the tag of Mr. Perfectionist.

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