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Aavesham is an unofficial Kannada film; Fahadh Faasil's Kannada diction is lit, say netizens

At leat 50% of Fahadh Faasil's lines in Aavesham are in Kannada, which he's delivered almost flawlessly. This effort has not gone unnoticed

Aavesham is an unofficial Kannada film; Fahadh Faasil's Kannada diction is lit, say netizens
Fahadh Faasil as Ranga in Aavesham

Last Updated: 04.12 PM, May 09, 2024


Only 4 days after one of Malayalam cinema’s highest grossers of the year, Manjummel Boys, came on OTT, yet another blockbuster has begun streaming. Earlier today, the hit comedy Aavesham dropped on Amazon Prime Video, within 30 days of its theatrical run, even though it is still going great guns on the big screen. Aavesham, directed by Jithu Madhavan, has released in its original Malayalam version only with English subtitles and there’s no word yet on any dubbed version.


50% Kannada dialogues

While Kannada audiences usually tend to make a hue and cry when certain titles are not available with Kannada audio, this time around, they don’t have much to complain about. Aavesham has a fair share of Kannada lines, spoken predominantly by Fahadh Faasil’s (FaFa) character Ranga, a gangster based in Bengaluru. When the film released in theatres, Kannada audiences had showered praise on the actor’s Kannada diction and were more than happy that almost half of the film’s lines were in Kannada.

Now that the film is out on OTT, Aavesham’s Kannada connect continues to draw love from audiences and spark discussions about how a Kannada actor speaking any language other than Kannada would have caused an outrage. “It’s an unofficial Kannada movie,” said a netizen, while others chimed in with comments like, “Kudos to FaFa for his effort to speak Kannada”, “Cinema full Kannada use madidare. FaFa Kannada is just lit”, “FaFa needs more appreciation for his efforts to speak Kannada,” among others. It is said that Fahadh was mentored by none other than Raj B Shetty for the Kannada diction.

Fahadh has been quoted as saying that there was a lot more to Ranga’s backstory and the fact that he was a failed actor turned gangster. Director Jithu Madhavan had, apparently modelled the character on a real-life person he’d seen during his days in Bengaluru and said that Ranga was a die-hard fan of a Kannada actor , which netizens think is Real Star Upendra.

Aavesham is Jithu’s second film after Romancham, which was also set in Bengaluru, and is about a bunch of newbie engineering students, who, after some severe ragging, decide to get even with the seniors, for which they enlist the help of a local thug, Ranganna. Soon enough they realize that Ranganna’s friendship comes at a cost.

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