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Fahadh Faasil’s Ranga in Aavesham has major Kannada connect and it's not just Bengaluru

In a recent interview, Fahadh Faasil not only opened up about some of his character Ranga’s backstory that did not make it to the final cut, but also at the possibility of a prequel

Fahadh Faasil’s Ranga in Aavesham has major Kannada connect and it's not just Bengaluru

Fahadh Faasil as Ranga in Aavesham

Last Updated: 02.18 PM, May 08, 2024


Kannada audiences are taking a fancy to Malayalam cinema and how! And when they come across a film in which there’s much for them to relate to, then why not? Director Jithu Madhavan’s Aavesham is set in Bengaluru and features Fahadh Faasil as a gangster/thug called Ranga, which, as it turns out, is short for Ranjith Gangadharan, a Malayalam and Kannada-speaking mob head. Ranga breaks into fluent Kannada and gets all sentimental when he hears KGF’s mother song, Thanthane Thane, has won over audiences big time. And now, Fahadh says there is a much deeper Kannada connection that Ranga has.

Ranjith Gangadharan wanted to be THIS before becoming Ranga the gangster

In his latest interview with Film Companion, Fahadh spoke about the references that Jithu had given him about Ranga, who is based on someone the filmmaker had met during his college days in Bengaluru. Ranga, says Fahadh, actually wanted to be an actor but did not make it, which explains why getting likes for his Instagram reels is important to him. In fact, the team had shot a scene, which did not make it to the final cut, in which Ranga is shown as being a big fan of a particular Kannada actor. But then there was too much information and the team decided to cut it out.

But here’s the thing: Fahadh also said that if there is a prequel, all of the Ranga backstory that had to be eliminated will find a place, after all. Netizens have been speculating if the actor that Ranga was influenced by during his days of wanting to be in showbiz was Real Star Upendra. There've also been discussions about who would be perfect to play the role of Ranga if the film were to be remade in Kannada, with Kiccha Sudeep, Raj B Shetty and Danish Sait coming up as major contenders. 

Aavesham, meanwhile, is set to be on OTT shortly. Amazon Prime Video holds the digital streaming rights to the film and will drop the hot-selling property on the platform on May 9 at 12 am.

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