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Actress Emilia Clarke and her mum both win MBEs for all the charity they have done to support people with brain injuries

Emilia 'Daenerys' Clarke who is known for her beloved, snow-haired character, is an awardee, along with her mother Jenny of respective MBEs (Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire).

Actress Emilia Clarke and her mum both win MBEs for all the charity they have done to support people with brain injuries

Emilia Clarke 

Last Updated: 01.25 AM, Dec 31, 2023


Game of Thrones-fame Emilia Clarke has won an MBE in the New Year’s Honor List. However, she is not alone in her endeavor, mother Jenny and her talented daughter both will be awarded the third highest ranking Order of the British Empire.

An MBE or Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire is given for an outstanding achievement or service to the community which had a positive, long-term effect. Some other popular MBEs are Adele and Ed Sheeran.

Emilia and Jenny are also record setters, as they are believed to be the first mother and daughter who will receive the same award in the same honors list. The duo will be awarded for all the charity work they have done and the awareness they have created about post-operative care in people with brain injuries.

The candid and quirky actress had even asked the palace if she could take her dog with her to the palace for the ceremony, but her request could not be accommodated. Emilia, now 37, talked to BBC recently, about the two brain hemorrhages she had suffered in her twenties, in 2011 and 2013.

She shared how the idea of the charity originated after her own terrifying medical scare, that began after she was discharged from the hospital. As there is inadequate resources and support available after being let out of the hospital, where she claimed, “every day you’re told you’re going to die.”

She explained the experience of being watched like a hawk every moment, especially since she was in the brain ward. Also, the fact that she was woken up every two hours as a precautionary measure, since brain injuries and recovery are a high-risk scenario. But after three weeks, or a month later, the patients are discharged just like that.

Clarke explained how after coming back, initially she was fine, but later became “so terrified” that she literally “found a reason” to go back to the hospital. She thanked her stars for the loving family she was blessed with, but noted how it is not the same for everyone.

She further recounted the amazing nurse she had to help her recover, but all the lady could spare her was half an hour every three weeks, as Clarke was one of her 400 patients. The day-to-day statistics of such a high-risk recovery care does not look good, and that is when she had her second brain hemorrhage.

After surviving the second brain trauma, Clarke realized her survival of two such risky brain injuries with no repercussions must mean something. And that is when she and her family began juggling with the idea of creating a charity, SameYou, which is run by Clarke’s mother Jenny, who herself has undergone brain surgery in the past to remove an aneurysm.

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