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Actress Pallavi Dey’s family remembers her on her birthday

Thursday was her 26th birthday. 

Actress Pallavi Dey’s family remembers her on her birthday
Pallavi Dey

Last Updated: 10.56 PM, Feb 25, 2023


Pallavi Dey – an actress known to be lively and smiling – died by suicide last year on May 15. Her smiling face was an everlasting impression on those who knew the deceased actress. Thursday was her 26th birthday. Her family, still in shock, remembered her on her birthday.  

On her birthday this year, Pallavi’s close friends went to her house in Ramrajatala. Sayak, Andreyi, and Ananda Choudhury spent time with Pallavi's mother. Pallavi's favorite cupcake and bowl of payesh were arranged in front of her picture. Her mother decorated the frame with pink and white balloons. Her brother brought Pallavi's favorite chocolate cake. Sayak told Hindustan Times Bangla, “We did not go to Pallavi's house after she passed. We did not dare to go to aunty. But she was very happy that we went yesterday. We talked about her. Aunty regretted that Pallavi left everything for her, and who will take them now.”

The actress, who shot to fame after the serial Ami Sirajer Begum, celebrated a grand birthday with her boyfriend last year. She received the latest model of a high-end phone. She exchanged rings on her birthday two years back. After Pallavi died, her family pointed their finger at that boyfriend, Sagnik Chakraborty. He was arrested but now is released on bail.  

Pallavi was the lead in serials like Ami Sirajer begum and Kunjachaya. She died by suicide while working in the serial Saraswatir Prem. Her colleagues and friends also remembered her on Thursday on social media. her Saraswatir Prem co-star Bir Sharma wrote, “Pallavi, you have no idea how much we remember you every moment. It has been almost one year since you left us. But no one can replace you in our minds. Happy birthday, Pallavi, you are my first heroine. I hope you are smiling and blessing us from wherever you are. In my heart, Rohit and Saraswati have a permanent place. Happy birthday.”

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