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Adhura ending explained – How does Ninad take his revenge in this horror mystery drama

Adhura ending explained – Starring Rasika Dugal, Ishwak Singh, and Rahul Dev in leading roles, the series revolves around a gory tale of revenge, bullying, guilt, forgiveness, and friendship.

Adhura ending explained – How does Ninad take his revenge in this horror mystery drama
Poster for Adhura. Prime Video

Last Updated: 07.28 PM, May 26, 2024


Amazon Prime Video’s horror thriller web series is probably one of those rare gems that shines for its unique narrative and the touch of authenticity. Starring Rasika Dugal, Ishwak Singh, and Rahul Dev in leading roles, the series revolves around a gory tale of revenge, bullying, guilt, forgiveness, and friendship. Set at a fictional boarding school, Nilgiri in the breath-taking landscape of Ooty, the horror mystery drama centers around a newcomer, Vedant, and the eerie circumstances that take place after his admission. When a high school reunion unravels hidden secrets of the past and traces the mysterious disappearance of Ninad, his best friend Adhiraj teams up with a school counsellor to search for the truth and drive away the evil spirit that haunts their school.

Adhura ending - How does Ninad take his revenge?

Adhura consists of seven intriguing episodes, and each one unfolds new mysteries and twists that revolve around Vedant, Ninad, and the previous batch of students who returned to their alma mater for the high school reunion. When supernatural incidents shadow Nilgiri, Adhiraj, who returned to reconcile with his estranged best friend Ninad, finds suspicious events linked to his past.

Still from Adhura
Still from Adhura

The web series uses a non-linear timeline as it continuously switches between past and present through flashback sequences and unravels the deadly mystery. The story traces back the events of the last day of their school farewell and simultaneously showcases the present reunion, where death haunts every ex-student who once bullied Ninad. By the middle of the series, you already have a vague idea that Ninad is dead and his vengeful spirit is taking revenge for all the wrongdoings.

When Adhiraj couldn’t find his best friend but only found hidden clues leading to the gory past, he grew anxious to find the truth about Ninad’s sudden disappearance and the mysterious deaths of his ex-batchmates soon after their return.

Adhura climax

In the climax scene, we witness how Ninad actually suffered from a tragic fate and who was mainly responsible for his death. The last episode of Adhura unveils the surprising twist of Ninad’s death by revealing the true killer as Malvika. Although the initial suspicion lies heavily on Malvika’s husband and one of the rich bullies, Dev, the last episode reveals that it is all linked to Malvika.


When Ninad’s dead body, now decomposed into skeletal remains, is found buried in the forest, police officer Bedi finds some items and hands them to Adhiraj. One of the belongings surprises Adhiraj aka Adi, as he rushes to Malvika to confront why her school badge was in Ninad’s possession. After denying any role repeatedly, it is finally revealed that Malvika killed Ninad by pushing him from a height in a fit of rage and jealousy. When Adi stood up Malvika for a date, Ninad felt guilty for standing between them and went to Malvika to say sorry. Despite being beaten by the bullies Rajat, Suyash, and Dev, he apologizes to Malvika, who in turn pushes him and leaves him bleeding to death.

Meanwhile, Adhura winds up with Ninad’s beyond the grave revenge as he kills his bullies, Suyash, Rajat, Dev, and finally Malvika, along with other accomplices who covered up his murder, such as the school dean and the peon.

In the end, we also witness a heartfelt conversation between the two best friends, Ninad and Adhiraj, as Ninad finds peace after his revenge. He also asks Adhiraj to forgive himself and free himself from all the guilt over the years since their estrangement. In the final scene, Ninad smiles and asks Adi to let him go after their emotionally charged reunion. Ninad’s soul soon leaves the school premises, and Adi cries his heart out and finally finds closure that also eases his anxiety.

What happens to Adhiraj and Supriya’s lives in the end?

Adhura has a cliffhanger ending, with the makers smartly leaving multiple reasons for the series to return with the second season. In the ending, after Ninad’s revenge and soul departure, Adhiraj and Supriya bid adieu to Vedant, who is now no longer possessed by Ninad’s spirit and is happy to go back to his parents. In the post-credits' scene, it is showcased that Supriya, who lost her baby due to postpartum depression, tries to reconnect with his soul through a seance. However, things take a dreary turn when an evil spirit possesses Surpriya. Adhiraj, who is on a plane to return to the US, gets a frantic call from Surpriya to help her before the flickering lights hint at something sinister again.

Rasika Dugal and Ishwak Singh in Adhura
Rasika Dugal and Ishwak Singh in Adhura

The cliffhanger ending leaves viewers waiting for the second season, which will revolve around some more intense drama, revenge, and possession that intertwine Adhiraj and Surpriya’s lives.

Adhura is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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