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Adikeshava addresses a serious issue with intense and relatable emotions, says Sreeleela

Adikeshava is Tollywood actors Vaisshnav Tej and Sreeleela's upcoming film that is releasing in theatres on November 24, 2024. Srikanth Reddy has directed the film. 

Adikeshava addresses a serious issue with intense and relatable emotions, says Sreeleela


Last Updated: 07.01 PM, Nov 23, 2023


The Telugu film Aadikeshava is Vaisshnav Tej's upcoming action drama that is all set to hit theatres on November 24, 2023. The promotions have come to an end and special premiere shows are being aired all over the Telugu states a day in advance.  

Sreeleela has been cast opposite Vaisshnav Tej in this film and she is the sole attraction of the film, considering that Tej is relatively new to films. In an interview with OTTplay, she spoke about her role, working with Vaisshnav Tej, her future plans, and her new star status.

Vaisshnav Tej in Aadikeshava
Vaisshnav Tej in Aadikeshava

Vaisshnav Tej has given a solid performance

Adikeshava is also Tej's first ever mass film in the commercial films genre and Sreeleela says that the mega hero has worked so hard on the film and will impress every section of the audience with his hard-hitting performance.

I play a very dominating character in Adikeshava

When asked to dwell more about her role, Sreeleela says that she plays a dominating character in the film which is unlike her real-life character. "I play this millennial diva who is overconfident and brash in nature. How she comes to terms with her life after a major conflict is the basic crux of the film".

Joju George is a terrific actor

Joju Goerge, a Malayalam actor, makes his Tollywood debut in the Srikanth Readdy-directed film Adikeshava. He plays a mining mafia don in this film and when we asked Sreeleela about working with Joju, she said, "He is a very intense actor. All my scenes with him have come out quite well".

We have addressed a serious issue in Adikeshava

Adikeshava is a routine action drama with a basic dance and song routine. When asked what is special about the film, Sreeleela said, "The core emotion in the film is very strong. There is also a child sentiment in the film, which will address a serious issue".

Tej's dances will surely impress the fans

The songs in the film have been doing quite well. When we asked Sreeleela about Tej doing dance numbers for the first time, she said, "Tej has done a lot of hard work when it comes to dances and he will not disappoint mega fans".

I thank the Telugu audience for showering so much love on me

Sreeleela is doing back-to-back films and has a release every month from now on. When asked about the same, she said, "I am having a dream run and pray that this phase will continue for the longest time. I am super happy that the Telugu audience has showered so much love and has been supportive of me right from my first film". 

Sreeleela's biggest project is Guntur Kaaram, alongside Mahesh Babu. Trivirkam Srinivas is in charge of directing the action drama, which debuts on January 13, 2204. Watch this space for the complete movie review of Adikeshava. 

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