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Adipurush in Kannada: Santhosh Shinde dubs for Prabhas and P Ravi Shankar for Saif Ali Khan

Also on the voice talent are Shiva Tejasvi for and Preeti Bhat for Kriti Sanon

Adipurush in Kannada: Santhosh Shinde dubs for Prabhas and P Ravi Shankar for Saif Ali Khan

Last Updated: 08.08 PM, Jun 15, 2023


When advance booking for Prabhas’ Adipurush opened last weekend, there was a lot of hue and cry about the allocation of screens for the Kannada dubbed version. In the time since, KRG Studios, which is distributing the film in Karnataka has taken it from barely any to close to 100 shows for the Kannada version in Bengaluru. And to reaffirm their commitment towards promoting Kannada films and the language, the studio is organizing a celebrity show of the Kannada dubbed version of Adipurush in Bengaluru on June 16. Adipurush is the 90th release for KRG Studios, an event that they are looking to celebrate with the special show.


Ahead of the celebrity show, the team revealed the voices that have been used to ensure great dubbing quality for the Kannada version. For Prabhas’ Raghav, Santosh Shinde, who has voiced Bhishma on Star Suvarna’s Mahabharatha, chips in, while P Ravi Shankar’s baritone has been chosen for Saif Ali Khan’s Lankesh. Sunny Singh’s Lakshmana is being voiced by Shiva Tejasvi and Kriti Sanon’s Seetha by Preeti Bhat. But just having great voices alone does not translate into good dubbing, so the studio also enlisted the services of Raghu Niduvalli for the Kannada dialogues, while Kaviraj, Pramod Maravante and V Nagendra Prasad filled in as lyricists.

Adipurush, directed by Om Raut, is releasing in theatres on June 16 in Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil and Malayalam. In Karnataka, it is the biggest release of the week, with the Kannada version getting 50+ 3D shows and about 20-odd 2D shows in Bengaluru. The aim, said Karthik Gowda of KRG Studios, is to give the Kannada version at least 100 shows in Bengaluru. Several netizens have been pointing out that the demands for more Kannada shows remain on the internet, with actual bookings remaining low.

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