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Adrishyam episode 16 promo – Tareek Malik vs Parvati-Ravi, what will happen in Divyanka Tripathi-Eijaz Khan’s show next

Get a recap of Divyanka Tripathi-Eijaz Khan’s Adrishyam episode 15

Adrishyam episode 16 promo – Tareek Malik vs Parvati-Ravi, what will happen in Divyanka Tripathi-Eijaz Khan’s show next

Last Updated: 10.26 AM, May 31, 2024


Adrishyam’s new chapter is here. As chapter 3 aka Operation Jawab has unfolded, new challenge await Divyanka Tripathi’s Parvati Segal and Eijaz Khan’s Ravi Verma. 15 episodes of the show are already out and the promo for the 16th suggests that more intrigue awaits everyone in the upcoming episode. Watch it here…

Begum threatens the team

The new promo unveiled by the makers begins with a woman saying it is their job to convert black money to white money. Begum, associated with Tareek Malik, has threatened the team to be ready for six bomb attacks which will kill thousands of people over the next eight hours. Time is ticking for Parvati and Ravi. Parvati suggests to increase the security around Tareek first of all. Soon, violence ensues. Tareek takes the gun, and so do his associates. More people get killed in the chaos, and Parvati is in action too.

What happened on episode 15?

Operation Jawab Chapter 3 is here. It begins with Eijaz Khan’s Ravi Verma capturing his khabri to get information. Meanwhile, Divyanka Tripathi’s Parvati Segal leads a secret mission. In this, secret cameras are installed inside and outside the house of the suspects.

There are moments of intrigue as the whole team is trying to complete their task, when the suspects are back and approaching their house. The team is in hiding inside the house, when the suspects are searching for a wallet. Thankfully, eventually, the mission to install the cameras was complete.


Who is Begum?

Begum is a dreaded underworld criminal who is closely associated to Tareek Malik. She sends out threats in order to get him released. The threat is that if Malik is not released from prison, innocent Indians will suffer the consequences (die). This is the very scene where the terrorists are 680 nautical miles from Mumbai on a cargo ship. The scene is almost a replay of what happened on 26/11 in the city.

Why is Tareek Malik important?

Malik is extremely important to his organization because he has a contact in every country one can imagine. It is why his organization needs him back, so that he can continue working on their projects (to kill or not to kill).

Adrishyam – The Invisible Heroes is available for streaming on SonyLIV and OTTplay Premium. 14 episodes of the series are already out and available to subscribers. The show streams on Thursday and Friday at 8 pm.

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