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Adrishyam – What to expect from Divyanka Tripathi and Eijaz Khan in the next episode of the SonyLIV show

Adrishyam episode 11 will reveal what happens after Nola’s death on the SonyLIV show

Adrishyam – What to expect from Divyanka Tripathi and Eijaz Khan in the next episode of the SonyLIV show

Last Updated: 10.03 AM, May 11, 2024


Things are heating up on Adrishyam after Nola (Shyam Kishore) was found dead. Parvati Sehgal (Divyanka Tripathi) and Ravi Verma (Eijaz Khan) are out on a mission but thanks to that, their family life is affected. Ravi’s wife is frustrated with his dedication to work, while Parvati is struggling to be there for her daughter in the middle of work. Know everything that will happen on episode 11 of the SonyLIV show…

Ravi’s struggle

Ravi is on a mission where he has to go unnoticed but still keep his target in check. This time around, he will fire rounds of bullets in order to safe himself and the country. On the other hand, his wife warns him to come back home, since he has just received discharge from the hospital.


Parvati to make a tough choice

Parvati, on the other hand, has a tough choice to make. It is balancing her work and being there for her daughter, Khushi (Zara Khan). Khushi, as every child, is excited about having her mother around, but gets disappointed when that does not happen. And this is not the first time when Parvati did not turn up for her daughter. It is Khushi’s birthday too. So, which will Parvati choose? Can she manage both work and being there for her daughter? Find out.

More to happen

The promo released by the makers also sees Benazeer (Sonam Arora) send a warning to a man who works with the antagonist. They are all tasked with saving the Prime Minister, who is out to give a speech and is being targetted. Parvati and Ravi ensure that happens. In the very moment, Parvati receives a video call from Khushi, which she obviously cannot answer given the situation. Khushi is distraught at her own birthday party because the person she held dear, her mother, cannot be at the party.

Adrishyam – The Invisible Heroes is available for streaming on SonyLIV and OTTplay Premium. The show streams on Thursday and Friday at 8 pm. The 11th episode will be available on Thursday, May 16, from 8 pm.

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