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After Ghost success, MG Srinivas proposes a new spin-off starring Shiva Rajkumar

Dalavayi, the dreaded gangster portrayed by Shiva Rajkumar in Ghost, is likely to be part of a new instalment. 

After Ghost success, MG Srinivas proposes a new spin-off starring Shiva Rajkumar
Shiva Rajkumar in 'Ghost'

Last Updated: 04.13 PM, Oct 25, 2023


MG Srinivas has made no secret of wanting to develop a vibrant movie universe and with Ghost, the writer-director has surely hit the ground running. The Shiva Rajkumar starrer, which was released in theatres on October 19, can be regarded as the entry point to this 'Srini-verse' and the team already has multiple instalments in the works. 

While Ghost 2.0 will most likely serve as a sequel, MG Srinivas also has the Birbal movies running in parallel with Birbal 2 set to go on floors very soon. Alongside, we now hear that he is also developing a prequel to Ghost to explore Dalavayi, one of the integral characters portrayed by Shiva Rajkumar.

Dalavayi, we learn, was once a most feared gangster who had Bengaluru and its top politicos under his thumb. The same character is then seen leading a mega heist from inside a prison and much of the mystery in the plot Ghost is in why the crime lord, of all people, is attempting such a daredevil act. While the concluding moments of the film do offer a resolution, MG Srinivas recently shared that Ghost 2.0 will focus on many different aspects and one of them would be Dalavayi Muddanna.

In the same vein, Dalavayi is also set to get a prequel which will be billed as a spin-off. According to the latest reports, Srini has already begun building the narrative for this project and Shiva Rajkumar, too, is kicked about exploring this enigmatic character. Should things fall in place, the spin-off project could enter production sometime in 2024, once Birbal 2 is taken care of.

With Birbal 2, MG Srinivas is set to return to playing the dashing advocate Mahesh Das after a long gap. The first instalment of the series, The Case of Vajramuni, was mighty successful which even prompted multiple remakes in other languages and citing its potential, Srini recently revealed that Mahesh Das or Birbal's world will coincide with that of Ghost. It would be interesting to see how this overlapping narrative moves forward.

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