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After Gurudev Hoysala success, Naveen Shankar to close 2023 with two new releases

Naveen has two starkly distinct films lined up for release later this year

After Gurudev Hoysala success, Naveen Shankar to close 2023 with two new releases
Naveen Shankar to close 2023 with two new releases

Last Updated: 08.01 PM, May 28, 2023


Naveen Shankar began the year 2023 on an impressive note with his performance in Ramenahalli Jagannatha's Hondisi Bareyiri. Playing the role of Ranjit in the ensemble film that also stars Archana Jois, Praveen Tej, Aishani Shetty, Shri Mahadev, Bhavana Rao and others, Naveen's portrayal of the broody character won the hearts of many. Following a fine run in the theatres, Hondisi Bareyiri debuted on Amazon Prime Video on April 1 and is said to be the most-viewed Kannada film of the year so far on OTT. 

Prior to Hondisi Bareyiri, Naveen delivered another fine performance as the boxing aspirant Adi in the hyperlink movie Dharani Mandala Madhyadolage. As someone trying to come to grips with his girlfriend's drug addiction problems, the young actor, along with his on-screen partner Aishani Shetty, managed to elevate the subject matter with his performance and many reckon that he's one of the main highlights of the film.

The icing on the cake came in the form of Gurudev Hoysala in which Naveen Shankar was able to sink his teeth firmly into the role of Bali and surprised everyone as one of the main antagonists of the film. Naveen's rendition of the cold-hearted, utterly diabolic character that also has a soft core was hugely appreciated by both critics and audience members, thus making it the breakthrough performance of his budding career. Following that success, Naveen finds himself at more ease and liberty as an actor to guide his acting career in a desirable direction as he pursues the goal to create his own niche or 'market' in the industry.

So, with two films lined up for release, Naveen is ardently hoping to see his recent rise in popularity translate into box office figures. First up is the social drama Kshetrapati in which he plays the role of an engineer working in Bengaluru who feels compelled to leave his plush life behind so as to address the issues faced back home by farmers. With his father in the film, too, being a farmer, Naveen's central character battles those personal stakes as he tries to become the voice of the cause. Srikanth Kattige, the writer-director of the film, is said to have drawn inspiration from real-life agrarian concerns prevailing in North Karnataka and the film is entirely set in and around Gadag. Archana Jois plays the female lead in the film in the role of a journalist.

Kshetrapati is expected to release in theatres in the second or third week of July 2023.


And later in September, Naveen Shankar will set off on an intense meditative journey in Kuldeep Cariappa's Nodidavaru Enantare. "If Kshetrapati is about external crises, Nodidavaru Enantare traverses the internal journey of its two central characters - Apoorva Bharadwaj plays the other lead. We have shot the film extensively on the road across some of the most picturesque, unadulterated and rustic locations in Karnataka and are aiming at a September 2023 release," shares Naveen.

Aside from these two, Naveen says that he is currently in the midst of finalizing a couple of scripts and is spending a lot of time working with the creative teams to fine-tune things. More updates to follow.

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