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Alia Bhatt was in tears watching Poacher; recalls her first meeting with Richie Mehta during pregnancy and how the show happened

Alia Bhatt was full-blown pregnant when she met Richie Mehta for Poacher

Alia Bhatt was in tears watching Poacher; recalls her first meeting with Richie Mehta during pregnancy and how the show happened
Alia Bhatt; Poacher

Last Updated: 04.17 PM, Feb 15, 2024


Alia Bhatt is among those who has backed the upcoming show Poacher. Releasing on Amazon Prime Video, this one is helmed by Richie Mehta, who Alia met during her pregnancy (with Raha Kapoor). At the trailer launch of the series, Alia recalled the meeting and even spoke on how she came on board for the show. She further explained why she was in tears while watching the series.

Alia Bhatt in Poacher awareness video
Alia Bhatt in Poacher awareness video

When Alia met Richie

It was back in 2022, when Alia was, as she calls it, was ‘full-blown pregnant, just about to pop.’ She bonded with Richie over parenting, cinema, movies and art, which is when Richie happened to spill about Poacher. Alia revealed that she was ‘flabbergasted’ that the show was based on true events. She then watched two episodes of the show to understand if she wants to back the content up and as per her claim, Alia binge-watched Poacher.

Further talking about the actors, Alia added, “Nimisha is outstanding! Roshan, who I had the honour of working with, is unbelievable and Divyendu sir. Not just the three of them, the whole cast, they really mould your attention to the screen, and of course, Richie has told this story so beautifully. It just really moved me emotionally and physically towards him saying, “Tell me how can I help?” She then hinted at a franchise of the show and called it the ‘beginning of the journey’ and promised everyone that their minds would be blown after watching the show.

When asked what is her vision with the film, Alia said the vision is in front of everyone. She then expressed her excitement for the world to see what they have to present. “From the very beginning. The first time we got on board, the marketing call, the feeling was to just go genuine and real. We decided that it didn’t need too much marketing and let the content do the talking,” the actress shared.

Why Alia was in tears

Alia happened to mention that the show left her deeply impacted. “I was in tears, smiling, entertained, scared, thrilled – everything put together,” she said, adding that Richie’s dedication to take one moment and make it into a story appears very genuine and something that has a lot of heart in it, which she believes comes across when people watch the show.

Poacher. Sundance 2023
Poacher. Sundance 2023

Alia is a forever fan of the actors

When asked what drew her towards the project the most, Alia said, “One thing? I’m not just being cute with my answer but there is so much.” Calling herself a forever a fan of all the actors, Alia spoke about a few scenes. “The shot that Nimisha gave at the end had me shaking. There’s one scene which Divyendu sir has with his niece which is again so beautiful,” the actress pointed out, adding how the scenes stuck with her and her sister, Shaheen Bhatt. She also loves the fact that animals (through VFX) are used to narrate the show. She felt like the dynamic between the viewer and storyteller (Richie) is such that everyone connects with the characters.

Poacher releases on Amazon Prime Video on February 23.

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