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Ambarish Bhattacharya opens up about his characters in Ajogyo and Boomerang

On June 7, two of Ambarish Bhattacharya’s films – Ajogyo and Boomerang – will hit the theatre

Ambarish Bhattacharya opens up about his characters in Ajogyo and Boomerang
Ambarish Bhattacharya

Last Updated: 09.28 PM, May 26, 2024


On June 7, two of Ambarish Bhattacharya’s films will hit the theatre. Evidently, this is going to be a special day for the actor. He has acted in Kaushik Ganguly’s Ajogyo, which also features Prosenjit Chatterjee and Rituparna Sengupta. The other one is Boomerang, directed by Souvik Kundu and starring Jeet and Rukmini Maitra. The trailer shows that he plays a neighbour in Jeet's film. He is a funny detective in the film. What is his character in Ajogyo?

Meanwhile, Ambarish has returned to television after a long break. He is seen in the Star Jalsha serial Roshnai. The actor said that it was not the first time. Earlier also two of his films were released on the same day. So, it does not worry him. In an interview with Anandabazar Online, he said, “I did what I could and the director gave a green signal. So, no need to be scared. But I am curious to know the audience's reaction.” His new look in Jeet's film created some discussions among his fans. “Why only the look? The character is also different. He is Jeet's neighbor. He keeps himself updated and keeps a soft corner for the maid,” the actor said.

Then he will notice some incidents which are a bit off-track. Can he solve this? This will be known once the film is released. The actor said that he worked in the film Baccha Sasur with Jeet. Also, his character was different. This time, he accepted the offer because of his character.

Boomerang is a commercial film. Ajogyo is different. Koushik's films blend relationship dynamics with a positive outlook. Ambaraish agreed and said, “I am a traveller here. I will try to move Bumbada and Ritu di towards a positive side by the end. I can't say anything more.” Prosenjit and Rituparna are still a firebrand couple and it is their 50th film together. How is their off-screen chemistry? Ambarish said, “They are two hugely busy colleagues behind the screen. I hung out a lot with Silajitda on the set. But Bumbada and Ritudi had a lot of scenes and they did not have the time to breathe. Hence there was no scope to hang out with them.” He also said that the entire magic of the couple is due to their acting skills. There is no offscreen chemistry. This magic is intact in this film. Hence Ajogyo can be an important feather in the crown of not only the director but also this pair.

Some people wished that the two films were released on different dates. Ambarish said, “I also am not in favor of releasing two Bengali films on the same day. But several films are released on Puja on the same day and do good business. Boomerang and Ajogyo are two films of different genres. I think the same-day release will not be a problem.”

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