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Ananya Panday recalls Shah Rukh Khan calling Suhana Khan, Shanaya Kapoor, and her 'lucky charms' during KKR's IPL win

Ananya Panday shares heartfelt insights on Shah Rukh Khan's endearing persona.

Ananya Panday recalls Shah Rukh Khan calling Suhana Khan, Shanaya Kapoor, and her 'lucky charms' during KKR's IPL win
Shah Rukh Khan; Ananya Panday, Suhana Khan, and Shanaya Kapoor

Last Updated: 07.26 PM, Mar 28, 2024


Ananya Panday, since her childhood, has had a closer relationship with Shah Rukh Khan thanks to being best friends with his daughter Suhana Khan. Both the young actors, along with Shanaya Kapoor, have grown up together and share an amazing friendship even now. 

Ananya's perspective on Shah Rukh Khan's inclusiveness

During her recent stint on No Filter Neha Season 6, Ananya spoke at length about SRK and how he makes everyone feel special consistently. When asked about her playdate habits, the actor described it as being like visiting the mansion of Baadshah and the emotions she would experience there.


Ananya described Shah Rukh Khan as someone who never lets them feel like that when discussing him. He probably doesn't allow anyone to feel that way. He has a knack for making everyone around him feel like a baadshah. Something very remarkable about him is his personality. It was only after they learned of SRK's inclusiveness that they fully appreciated him. 

Shah Rukh Khan's gesture of appreciation

She further stated that when KKR won the inaugural IPL trophy one year, he thanked Suhana, Shanaya, and Ananya, saying that it's because of them; they are his lucky charms and will always be with him. Therefore, he consistently makes them feel incredibly special. SRK doesn't think they even realised it or were aware of it when they were younger.

Neha polled Ananya during a game segment to find out which Bollywood celebrity she thought was the most dateable. Ananya responded by revealing Suhana's name, as she thinks she is extremely dateable because she is the best girlfriend ever.

Ananya's stance on competition in Bollywood

In a previous interview with News18, Ananya acknowledged that Suhana's entrance into Bollywood will heighten competitiveness. When asked if she felt anything other than confidence, Ananya shared that she doesn't feel insecure; rather, she feels competitive. Competing has always been a part of her. A little healthy rivalry may go a long way in keeping one motivated, in her opinion. It motivates her to work more. Seeing the great work that is already out there and the knowledge that people have to offer is a great source of inspiration whenever new talent emerges. 

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