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Ankush criticises his estranged co-producer on social media

The actor took to his social media to criticise Raktim Chatterjee 

Ankush criticises his estranged co-producer on social media
  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 04.16 PM, Aug 20, 2023


Ankush Hazra opened his production company last year and announced the film, Mirza, whose co-producer was Raktim Chatterjee. Later, the actor announced the detachment with Raktim. 

Now, Ankush slammed his co-producer without naming him. He threatened Raktim by saying, “I apologise to some people because I think I am also a part of the reason behind their distress. I made a space for the person with whom I and my production house were involved without knowing his background and mentality. He does not deserve this at all.” 

He also added, “Today, for that reason, many newcomers trusted him and are now regretting it. I came from a small place with a big dream of being a hero. No one in my family was involved with this world. My journey was tough, and that is why I understand the value of this dream. No one has the right to play with this dream. I, therefore, decided that if someone belittles those dreams, I will take strict measures against it.” 

Many people in the industry accused Raktim previously. A person, wishing not to disclose their name, said that there are allegations of fraud against Raktim. However, Raktim posted a few days back on social media and said, “Keeping mum is not my weakness.” However, Mirza’s release is evidently uncertain because of the disagreement between the two producers.