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Antormahal: Ishaa Saha and Saurav Das’ drama deals with social issues of fertility

Besides Ishaa and Saurav, the show also features Swastika Dutta and Arpan Ghoshal.

Antormahal: Ishaa Saha and Saurav Das’ drama deals with social issues of fertility
Ishaa and Saurav in Antormahal

Last Updated: 04.05 PM, Nov 17, 2023


In August OTTplay reported that Ishaa Saha and Saurav Das paired up for a new series, directed by Dakghor-fame Abhrajit Sen. Now the show is all set to be dropped on Hoichoi. The trailer of the show was dropped recently. Besides Ishaa and Saurav, the show, Antormahal, also features Swastika Dutta and Arpan Ghoshal. Earlier, the shooting of the show started with a working title, Samparka. Later, it was named Antormahal.

The show explores the areas of pregnancy and fertility issues and touches upon an issue that is prevalent yet taboo among modern-age couples.  


The trailer of Antormahal opens with Ishaa Saha in the role of Riti, claiming to be happily married to Indro, played by Saurav Das. Disharmony ensues when Riti desires a child, but Indro refuses to go through testing procedures when they cannot conceive. What happens next is marital chaos. Swastika Dutta and Arpan Ghoshal appear in supporting roles and add another layer of drama to the series.   

Ishaa Saha shared her experience and stated, “Taking on the role of Riti presented a considerable challenge, given the intricacies woven into the character by Neel's excellent writing. Abhrajit has become a good friend of mine, who has huge potential as a director, and I absolutely loved working with him. Saurav and I have worked together many times which enhanced the chemistry between Riti and Indro. In essence, we poured our hearts and souls into this project, with the hope that the audience will find it equally compelling."

Saurav added, “Playing Indro was experiencing a bunch of mixed emotions. He’s a modern man but has centuries of enforced patriarchy in the depths of his heart. He must overcome this to be a good partner to Riti. I hope the audience finds this show relatable and kudos to Hoichoi for exploring unexplored territories.” 


Director Abhrajit Sen, on his new series, commented, “Antormahal is a very bold step on Hoichoi ’s behalf since it explores a subject, society is not comfortable discussing openly. I think Ishaa and Saurav were perfect faces for this series since they could represent Riti and Indro perfectly and capture the tension between this couple. I hope the Trailer of the show leaves our audience to watch and find out how it culminates.”

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