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Anupama - Namaste America May 5, 2022 written update: Anupama discloses Leela and Vanraj’s plan to the family

Moti Baa and Hasmukh become shocked at the revelation.

  • Shilpa S

Last Updated: 12.57 PM, May 06, 2022

Anupama - Namaste America May 5, 2022 written update: Anupama discloses Leela and Vanraj’s plan to the family

Anupama discovers her passport and visa hidden away amongst Vnaraj’s things. Vanraj makes some flimsy attempts at offering an explanation behind it, and then quickly starts to talk about how great a sacrifice Anupama is making by giving up her US trip for the new baby.

The next morning Anupama is seen with a worried look on her face as she does the household chores. She thinks about Leela, Vanraj and Dolly’s behavior over the past few days. Leela realises that Anupama has become aware of their trickery and tries to get on her good side by helping with the chores.

Vanraj and Leela try to convince Anupama to forget about the US trip, and the latter finally speaks up, much to the shock of the family. She breaks down in front of Moti Baa and reveals how Leela, Vanraj and Dolly hid her passport and lied. When Moti Baa scolds Vanraj, Leela defends him. Anupama asks why they had to lie to her, and why they could not have just told her straight if they did not want her to leave. Anupama recalls the many times she set aside her wishes on Leela’s orders.

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Leela gets even more defensive at Anupama’s words and finally bursts out that Anupama should not leave, saying a mother in law is allowed to make decisions in her daughter in law’s life. Moti Baa intervenes, and says that if Anupama does not go to America, then Leela too will not be allowed to step out ever again. Leela gets angry at Moti Baa for allowing Anupama to dream, and the former reveals how she had tried to foil Anupama’s visa interview earlier.

Leela talks about how a woman’s life should be limited to her house and asks Anupama to forget her dreams. Moti Baa raises her hand to almost slap Leela, but stops short and asks Leela to accept her wrongs. Vanraj steps in and says that Leela has done nothing wrong. As Moti Baa tells him not to interfere, Anupama throws her ghungroo on the ground.

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Anupama says that the ghungroo represents her dreams, which she herself has broken. She talks about how she had always put her dreams aside for her family, and had never complained. She expresses shock at having her ‘wings’ cut by the very family she thought the world of. She asks them why she couldn't take just five days out of her life to fulfill her dreams, and why they couldn't support her. She talks about how, more than having her dreams broken, she is saddened by the fact that Vanraj has broken them.

Although Vanraj couldn't care less about Anupama’s ‘tamasha’, he decides to pacify her as she is pregnant. He goes to Anupama and talks about how he and his family could not live without her if she had left,and that was why they tried to stop her. Anupama recalls the night they spent together, and asks Vanraj if that was a part of his ‘plan’ too.

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