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Anupama Written Update July 28, 2023: Kaavya is guilty about holding on to a BIG SECRET

Will Kaavya be able to live with the guilt of not telling the big secret to Vanraj Shah is what remains to be seen

Anupama Written Update July 28, 2023: Kaavya is guilty about holding on to a BIG SECRET
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Last Updated: 08.10 AM, Jul 28, 2023


The day starts off with Kaavya in an extremely confused state. She gets caught in an extremely Catch-22 between her mind and heart. This is regarding a secret that she has been holding with her since many days. The guilt of holding the secret is not allowing Kaavya to live in peace. There is a personification of her mind and her brain.

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While her heart is telling her to confess everything to Vanraj, her brain states that, since she has only now started getting all the attention and the live from Vanraj, that’s why not to spoil that by telling everything to Vanraj Shah. On the other hand, her heart states that, while on one hand, she is not able to live with the guilt of backstabbing Anupama. And now with this feeling of not telling the fact to Vanraj Shah will only further add to the already existing guilt.

Thereafter starts Kaavya’s baby shower. The entire programme gets started by Anupama by introducing them to various games. Amidst the fun and frolic of these games, Ankush gets a phone call that he attends. No sooner does he get the phone call; he rushes out to speak to the person. But, before stepping out, he calls out Anuj Kapadia and tells him something. Hearing that, both, Anuj Kapadia and Ankush Kapadia hurriedly step out. Seeing them in such a haste, Barkhaa and Adhik gets tensed up (with the fear that their malpractices might just get caught).

That’s why, Barkhaa calls up Ankush to know about his whereabouts. Hearing something from Ankush on the other end, Barkhaa begins to lose her patience and asks Ankush as to how could he even think of doing that (whatever he did remains a suspense so far). At the same time, seeing everyone’s love and affection towards her and the to-be-born baby, Kaavya keeps on drowning in an ocean of guilt. She is totally clueless about what to do next.

SPOILER ALERT: The upcoming episode of Anupama will see Kaavya confessing to her that the father of the child is NOT Vanraj Shah, but her ex-boyfriend Aniruddh!

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