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Anupamaa 28th May 2023 Update: Will Anupamaa forgive Anuj Kapadia and move ahead in life without him?

Will Anupamaa and Anuj be able to tackle life’s challenges individually is what remains to be seen

Anupamaa 28th May 2023 Update: Will Anupamaa forgive Anuj Kapadia and move ahead in life without him?
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  • Satish Sundaresan

Last Updated: 06.33 AM, May 28, 2023


The day starts off with the utter crying of Anuj in front of Anupamaa. He is recalling all the incidents of that fateful night. Anuj tells Anupamaa that, even though it was unintentional, but, still, he has wronged Anupamaa on many levels. He says that those were the circumstances, considering which, he did not call her. Time and again, he profusely apologises before Anupamaa with tears filled in his eyes and repentance on his lips.

On the other hand, Maaya meets Barkhaa and tells her to check the whereabouts of Anuj from her husband Ankush. Even though she gets irritated at first, but, gradually, she gives in to Maaya’s demand of calling Ankush. And when Barkhaa calls Ankush to check about his whereabouts, he very diplomatically tells her that he and Anuj are busy with the previously said office work. He also adds that, there are certain important things in life, especially corporate life, which needs to be kept ultimately confidential and that too especially, when the mobile phone is on a speaker phone mode. This was a direct hit at Barkhaa and Maaya, as the former had kept the mobile phone on speaker phone mode!

Meanwhile, Anuj is still on the guilt trip and on the full-on apology mode before Anupamaa. He tells her that, even though he doesn’t deserve to be forgiven, still, he is seeking forgiveness from her for breaking her heart and staying far away from her. No sooner does Anupamaa hear these words, she immediately hugs Anuj. She, then, questions Anuj the reason for not telling her the reason for his silence, especially, when they had decided to share all the happiness and sadness together. After that, when Anupamaa profusely thanks Lord Krishna for everything being sorted out, Anuj says that he is feeling much, much relieved that he has spoken out the secret which has been haunting him for many days.

And when Anuj asks Anupamaa if life for them can become as joyous and loveable as before, she tells him that, since they both cannot change the existing circumstances, it's better for them to simply go with the flow.

SPOILER ALERT: The upcoming episode of Anupamaa will see someone inside the car flashing the headlights non stop on her face to irritate her. Meanwhile, Maaya becomes out of control at the Shah House and blames Anupamaa for playing emotional games with Anuj. Hearing this, Vanraj Shah gets angry and yells at Maaya saying that, its not Anupamaa who is to be blamed, but, it’s actually Anuj who deserves all the blame.